How do you get a bubble out of a formica countertop?

by Mar25627037
  6 answers
  • Landsharkinnc Landsharkinnc on Dec 24, 2017

    may be that the base of the counter is particle board that has gotten wet -- would be my first guess; if so, replace is the only solution; Particle board is nothing but 'sawdust' glued into a paste and formed into sheets of material that were builder cheap.

  • Bink Bink on Dec 25, 2017

    gosh.....that seems a bit extreme. How big is the bubble? Is the countertop new? Did you put the Formica on to the wood yourself?

    • Mar25627037 Mar25627037 on Dec 25, 2017

      It is a bit extreme. The bubble is only about one-half inch in diameter and doesn't appear to have any holes where moisture could have gotten through. The counter was installed by the builder for the previous owner.

  • Gail Gail on Dec 25, 2017

    Try heating the area with the bubble with a hair dryer until quite warm to finger touch. Move hot air coming out of dryer so that it doesn't cause any melting of the Formica. While it is quite warm, press the bubble down. Roll over spot with rolling pin if need help pushing it back down, then while still warm, put stack of heavy books on top of it & leave a few hours & until it is completely cool. This just might help you & solve your problem.

  • Mar25627037 Mar25627037 on Dec 25, 2017

    Thanks, I'll try that

  • William William on Dec 25, 2017

    Gail's suggestion may work. Another option is to place a cloth over the bubble and iron it with a low heat iron. Check if the bubble went down. Then place something heavy over the bubble to let the glue harden. The heat should reactivate the adhesive.

  • Bink Bink on Dec 26, 2017

    Wall the builder and ask where they got the countertops. That company should be able to help you. Or Google it and I am positive you will find an answer. Good luck!