How do you repair chip in non-stick surface in air fryer

Sue Ratigan
by Sue Ratigan
  3 answers
  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Jan 04, 2018

    I have never heard of any way to repair non-stick surfaces.

  • Patty Dell'Anno Patty Dell'Anno on Jan 04, 2018

    Go to Home Depot or a paint store. Ask for a Teflon paint. You might even try an appliance store or an auto body shop. You could call to save a few steps. Make sure you tell them why you want it so it's food safe.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jan 04, 2018

    From what I've read, there are some paints on the market, but they really need to be cured in a 750º F oven. You're better off to buy a new one, although I did find the link below that states this repair will make it safe to use, but not cover the look of the chip. If it were me, I personally wouldn't take a chance on using another chemical to cook for my family. See what you think and decide what works for you. Wishing you the best.