How to get rid of white hot spots on wood table top?

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  • Angela Eakle Angela Eakle on Feb 05, 2019

    Hand lotion with generous applications with draw out the moisture and return it back to the originnal color.. May take 2-3 times but easy and efficience.

  • Dana Dana on Feb 05, 2019

    Hi Anne,

    Try to rub the spot with a piece of raw walnut. If that doesn't work try to rub the spot with a mix of olive oil and cigarette ash, on a piece of Bounty or soft cloth. Usually one of this works for me.

    Best of luck and let us know how that worked for you!


  • P poupon P poupon on Feb 06, 2019

    Vinegar & Olive Oil mix and dip soft rag into it and rub on spot- I clean my wood furniture with this too!

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Feb 06, 2019

    Rub/buff the spot with a small amount of mayonnaise until the spot is gone and the mayo has soaked in.