Live in a mobile home...How to fix cabinet covering?

Live in a mobile home. The faux covering on all the cabinets where th

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  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Dec 28, 2017
    Hi Southlandinvlic, It looks like your question got cut off. There is only room for 70 characters and the rest has to go in the box below. Are you interested in painting them? If that is your question, click on the link below to see what someone else did. Wishing you the best & Happy New Year!

    • Sou28294672 Sou28294672 on Jan 07, 2018
      Sorry, first timer. Want to keep the faux oak wood look intact. Any other suggestions?

    • Sou28294672 Sou28294672 on Jan 07, 2018
      Perfect! Bless you. I wish DIY channel would do a show on mobile home life since so many Americans are going this way.

  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jan 07, 2018
    That's okay Southlandinvlic, I understand, we've all been first timers at one point. For the future, the more information you can give us, the more we can help. The Title Box only has 70 characters and there is a counter on the side that will show how many characters you have used. Underneath the Title Box is another box that says. "Add some details so that we can give you the best advice possible!" It's in a gray print that will go away as you start to type. That's where you can put what doesn't fit in the Title Box and give us more details. For example, tell us what you have and what you want you want to do or simply ask" What can I do to make my oak cabinets look better while keeping the oak look" - or something like that. :)

    So if you want to keep the look, it would be helpful to know the problem. Is the faux look wearing off? If that's the case, the only thing I can think of to do would be to find some Contact brand paper in oak and use it to cover your current cabinets. If it's a different problem, write back.