Asked on Feb 08, 2018

My wooden table top squeaks when I lean on it. How can I fix this?

by Carol
  4 answers
  • you should probably isolate the area of the table and see if there are any screws that need tightening. weather can cause wood to swell and shrink and if it is not a screw then you might have to shim two pieces that rub together.

  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 08, 2018

    Try rubbing a bar of soap on the area squeaking. Maybe you need to tighten a screw underneath to hold the top down tighter.

  • Gale Allen Jenness Gale Allen Jenness on Feb 08, 2018

    Don’t lean on it! LOL Trick is, figuring out where the squeek is? It possible it’s a loose screw somewhere depending how your table is built? If there’s no screws, you may be able to squirt some 3&1 oil or WD40 where it squeaks and help your problem? Best of luck

  • Judy Judy on Feb 08, 2018

    If it has leafs, then separate them, and put butter in the area of the connection., do this to all the areas. This will be fine.