How do I replace the slatted seat of a wooden rocker?

by Mona

I have a very old wooden rocker. I’m not sure if it’s homemade or store bought. I have searched the internet for one like it, to no avail.i took the rotten seat materials off and there were layers of a burlap sack, padding, various fabric, and very brittle slats. I need to start from the bottom layer to recreate the seat, but I can’t figure out what to use for the slats. The old ones were very thin slats of wood. The rocker seat consists of a series of dowels and then those were covered by the thin slats. The slats have to fit in a groove on both sides and be pliable enough to extend over the front curve of the seat where the dowels extend down in front.So I need some material sturdy enough to sit on yet slightly bendable and thin enough to fit in the grooves that are on the sides of the entire seat area.any suggest? Thanks!

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