How do I repair an in ground pool skimmer?

My skimmer area is leaking, I need to know how to fix it.

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  • Mogie Mogie on Oct 20, 2018

    Susanne it appears to a somewhat involved process but this site breaks it down into easy to follow steps.

    • Susanne Campbell Moster Susanne Campbell Moster on Oct 21, 2018

      Thanks for the video. I learned that where my problem is, it is called the skimmer throat. It is the area that goes from the pool to the skimmer.

  • Oberlinmom Oberlinmom on Oct 21, 2018

    Where is it leaking? Can you take pictures? There are epoxies that are like modeling clay that can be used under water and make a water tight seal. I used it successfully on a broken plastic pool pump lid. That seal was under pressure and just above the area that screwed it to the body of the pump. Every year it remained together I knocked on wood. I hadn't thought it would work.

    There is also a rubbery heavy duty tape that acts like electric tape, stretches and sticks to it's self, that works great on water leaks. I think it's Gorilla brand. It's holding on ridged hoses I use in my little pond and the big ones in the pool. I don't know if this information will help without knowing where the leak is.

  • Maureen Moe Driver Maureen Moe Driver on Oct 21, 2018

    I had that problem couple years ago. We actually dug a square hole out of the cement deck to reach the pipes. We had a cracked pipe which was replaced and then put everything back, filled hole and redid cement.