Best way to replace leaking water pipes in a slab

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  • Gol17361021 Gol17361021 on Dec 20, 2017
    1) Shut water off at Main which is usually located inside or outside of the garage.

    2) Contact your homeowners insurance company as major plumbing issues are usually covered under your homeowners and renters policies.

    3) Depending on exactly where the leak is located will determine whether or not you have to cut into the slab.

    We had same problem and to save insurance compny and us money we rented a walk behind concrete cutter (submitted receipt to Insurance and they reimbursed the full amount against our homeowners policy). Keep in mind when using a walk behind you must keep the concrete wet while cutting so you don't burn the blade .. it will give you a clean cut. Hope this helps.

  • 62q10370829 62q10370829 on Dec 20, 2017
    Do not go threw ceiling. If it freezes pipe will brake. If you know where brake is you can take out cement & fix pipe & redo cement. Good luck.

  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Dec 20, 2017
    You need to contact a plumber!

  • 2dogal 2dogal on Dec 20, 2017
    I feel for you! Yes, you need to have this done professionally as it requires cutting into the cement. Check with your insurance company first as they may have certain requirements you need to follow in order to file a claim.