how to finish this drainage/grating problem at back of house?

this entire area was all gravel but was needing improvement. drain was sticking up over the gravel. wanted a nicer finish. put cement squares to create a patio effect. they cut the drain pipe so it was lower than the squares and then put squares over it thinking it would still drain. it didn't in a hard rain. we took off 2 squares to uncover drain grating. now we want to figure out how to finish the job. i thought maybe a drain cover/grate the size of the opening would do the job. thought it might have to be custom made. other thoughts much appreciated.???? opening measures 13" x 24" and is about 1 - 3/4" high. thanks.
q how to finish this drainage grating problem at back of house, concrete masonry, home maintenance repairs, patio, plumbing
q how to finish this drainage grating problem at back of house, concrete masonry, home maintenance repairs, patio, plumbing
q how to finish this drainage grating problem at back of house, concrete masonry, home maintenance repairs, patio, plumbing
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  • The drain grate can be raised up to the level of the stone which appear to be settling in many locations, Then the stone can be cut to fit around the grate opening. I would suggest that the entire patio be taken up and a new stone and sand base be installed. It is apparent that it was not installed correctly in the first place.. This will require that the soil be dug down about six to 12 inches to create a base that will not sag. If doing this exposes the drain pipe then it may be better to move it out from under the patio and then pitch the patio to allow the water to run off to one side and away from the house itself.

  • Linda G Linda G on Nov 11, 2012
    who could do this? i mean, do i call a contractor, a road person, etc. thanks v much

  • Good quality landscaper can assist you with this. Do a contractor search for your area at the top of the HT page. There are many from the NY area on this site that can assist you with this project.

  • Linda G Linda G on Nov 11, 2012
    will do. thanks

  • 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) 360 Sod (Donna Dixson) on Nov 11, 2012
    Linda, a quick fix would be just to fill in that area with gravel. But I am concerned that I don't see a base for those paver squares.. If nothing was put down and compacted properly with a grade going away from the back of the house you will continue to have problems with settling. I think Woodbridge's advice is spot on!

  • Victoria Victoria on Nov 12, 2012
    I would plant something small that doesn't need much maintenance, like sedum. Take out a couple of random stones and plant them as well, this will look well executed and planned. Other plant suggestions would be creeping thyme, pinks, irish or scotish moss.....

  • I have a "grate" solution. Do you have 2 addition pavers? If so, lower the plastic grate(if the pitch of the pipe will allow) install the 2 paving stones over the grate and drill several holes in the paving stones with a 1/2" masonry bit to allow the water to run through. This will make your patio look unified and hide the ugly grate. You should check from time to time to make sure the hole are clean and clear. Note: if this is an area where heavy water goes to, this may not work, but it looks like it may just be a low spot in your patio. I have photos of this if you would like to see it a similar installation..

  • Linda G Linda G on Nov 16, 2012
    everyone has been helpful. very grateful. weighing our options.

  • Irish53 Irish53 on Jul 07, 2013
    Yes it looks as if the grade is wrong for the pavers used. the pavers should be leveled with the drain not the other way around. There should be enough of a grade not to have to rely solely on that one drain for the entire area to drain if you get a down pour of rain. It should be possible for the rain to run down hill away from the house and water everything it its path.

  • Moxie Moxie on Apr 15, 2015
    If it was mine I would get a piece of the fiberglass structual grating and set in over the drain. You can get from steel fab shops or online

  • Bar1738694 Bar1738694 on Jun 03, 2015
    Take out some other pavers and add rounded river rock to hide the drain and put a plant over the river rock. It will look decorative and still be functional.

  • Agnes Chrzanowska Agnes Chrzanowska on Sep 29, 2021

    pebbles will help out with it