How to stop gurgling sink drain?

by Pat
Gurgling sink drain-already did the Drano/hot water thing & also the baking soda & vinegar/hot water thing. It still gurgles after I put any water down the drain. Thank you for your suggestions.
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Nov 03, 2016
    Just went through the same thing. Don not know if you have a cesspool,but word of advice if so have it pumped asap as mine backfired all over. ICK is not the word....
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Nov 03, 2016
    You have taken the drain apart to check the trap? Have you snaked the drain itself?
    • Pat Pat on Nov 04, 2016
      No, I am a widow without the knowledge of taking the drain apart. I will have to buy a "snake" because the one I have is too big for the small sink drain. Thank you for answering my problem.
  • Mary Hare Mary Hare on Nov 03, 2016
    This problem for me was the air vent to the sewer was clogged. Snaked out..
  • William William on Nov 04, 2016
    If you hear your drain making gurgling noises several moments after using the sink, shower, and in more extreme cases the toilet, then it may be a result of a blocked drain or vent pipe; in extreme cases a collapsed or damaged pipe can cause gurgling too. Often times, the mixture of dirt and grease can build up in the drains and the plumbing. This buildup can cause the water to drain slowly. As a result, the air bubbles can not go through the pipes and get expelled at the nearest vent, resulting in a gurgling noise that is audible to the user. In a clean drain and line, water and air bubbles can easily flow together down a drain, with the air and water getting expelled in their appropriate spots. If there is a gurgling noise that is present for every drain in the house however, then it is evident that there is a larger blockage in the main pipe rather than a smaller pipe attached to the fitting drain. ***** One of the best ways to prevent this is to abstain from pouring anything down the drain that may cause a build up such as food, hair, grease, etc. In the event that there is already a buildup, there are many chemical solutions that can be poured into the drains to clean the drains. When using the solutions, make sure to follow directions closely. Most of these solutions are toxic and may cause personal injury. Additionally, if you do not let the solution sit long enough it may not work correctly. ***** If the problem persists, you can use an auger to physically unclog the areas. An auger is a long, flexible, coiled metal wire that can reach far and deep into the plumbing of your house and break up the debris. Use the auger with enough force to break off the build up, yet not so aggressively that you will damage the pipes and cause a leak. ***** Another reason you may be hearing the gurgling noises is a blocked vent pipe. The vent pipe is connected to all the main plumbing pipes in the house and is vented out through the roof of the house. This vent pipe may be blocked because of leaves, a bird’s nest, accumulated dirt, etc. Due to the blockage, the air can not be ejected through the vent pipe. Thus the air is forced to escape through the nearest opening, which is usually the last sink used, and results in a gurgling noise. The vent pipe is usually on the roof, a garden hose inserted into the vent pipe full blast may clear the blockage or it may need to be rodded the full length down. If it is the vent pipe you can hire a plumber to unblock the vent pipe if you don't want to do it yourself..
  • Pat Pat on Nov 05, 2016
    My problem stills exist. I am going to contact to get some help. I am out of other ideas.