My new pvc plumbing smells. I have used bleach soda and vinegar????

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  • Linda Sikut Linda Sikut on Jul 12, 2018
    Hi Deborah,
    There's a good chance that what you're smelling is the glue that was used to connect the PVC pipes. That glue is pretty stinky so it takes a while for it to flush out. It should slowly work itself out. A great smell remover is baking soda. You could try flushing your pipes with 1 cup of baking soda followed by about 2 cups of vinegar. Let it bubble then rinse it through with hot water. However, it might just be that the glue has to work itself out. If it's not a drain, keep flushing the water out, it should be a little less every day. Wishing you the best.

  • William William on Jul 12, 2018
    Where is the plumbing?! What kind of odor?! Where was it installed?!

  • William William on Jul 12, 2018
    When was this done?! Can you call the company?! Can you isolate or pin point where the odor is prominent?! Do you have a basement or crawlspace?! Somewhere a sewer line/vent line was not glued or separated. If it's out of or under any sinks either P traps were not or improperly installed. May I ask why the house was replumbed?