Need Details on How to Properly Winterize a Vacant home.

I found these instructions online: and would like to follow them. I'm a bit confused on Step 4 where they say: Now that the valves are closed in the house and the valves outside are open, it's time to pressurize the system.
It seems that a 2nd outside faucet is necessary in order to empty the water out of the pipes but I only have one. It's on a mobile home and I'm trying avoid leaving the heat on through the winter to keep the pipes from freezing under the home during cold spells.
I'm not certain that my assumption of needing a 2nd faucet is accurate but if not, is there another alternative? Maybe a tub faucet since it sits low, but it's not below the pipes. How about hooking the compressor up to an inside faucet and blowing it out the outside faucet that way? I have flexible hoses under the kitchen faucet we may be able to hook it to. Would that work? Any ideas or better instructions?
Thanks for any help anyone can give to clarify what I'm reading and what I need to accomplish.
q need details on how to properly winterize a vacant home, home maintenance repairs, how to, Clearning water from pipes for winterization
Clearning water from pipes for winterization.
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