How do I keep pans from rusting?

by KLI122

I am a senior living alone and frequently prepare food in my toaster/convection oven. I buy the little nonstick pans to fit the oven but after a month or two they start to rust! I’ve tried hand washing them. I don’t use sharp utensils. But it’s getting to be a rather expensive proposition! I’ve even thought of spray painting them with the black heat resistant paint used for grills. Any suggestions?

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  • Homeroad Homeroad on Sep 09, 2019

    Is it rust or is it a sticky residue from the non-stick spray. I have the sticky stuff that looks like rust. In any case I would use aluminum foil on my pans to keep them clean.

    • KLI122 KLI122 on Sep 09, 2019

      Thanks but it is definitely rust. I don’t use spray because they come with nonstick coating. And when I’m paying for a coated pan I shouldn’t have to pay additional for foil which is also then something else I have to recycle!

  • Barbara Pitts Barbara Pitts on Sep 09, 2019

    After washing them, dry them completely before storing them. Water is causing them to rust. but first remove the rust that is on the trays by scubbing them with a brillo pad, then after rinsing thoroughly, dry them well.

  • Sandy McClellan Sandy McClellan on Sep 10, 2019

    Invest in aluminum or stainless steel pans. You will save money in the long run.

  • Jan Clark Jan Clark on Sep 10, 2019

    Mine look the same. Some of it is rust, some is residue from food - that has actually baked onto the surface. First off, non-stick coating contains chemicals that will break down and release toxins into the air and food. I got rid of all my non-stick coated cooking utensils over a year ago. That said, here are two remedies for the pan you do have: 1. do the old seasoning trick on the pan. Put a dab of oil on it and wipe the whole cooking surface (when dry) with your hands or a paper towel. That creates a barrier to prevent further oxidation. Note: you will get 'cook marks' where the oil scorches, that's okay. 2. line the pan with aluminum foil. This will prevent food liquids from getting on the pan in the first place. Don't be concerned with cosmetics. It's your health that counts.

  • William William on Sep 10, 2019

    I agree with Jan except for one remark. The non stick coatings they make now are not harmful. Teflon which is outlawed is not used anymore. Could be the pans your buying are not made to be used in a toaster oven or they are a cheaper quality. I do line mine with aluminum foil for less cleanup. I also use a cooking spray. Sandy's suggestion would be next and would save you money in the long run.