I have some solar lights that are not working...

I believe that the solar panel is the problem

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  • Ken Ken on May 26, 2018
    These lights are usually cheap and not made to be especially durable. I'm guessing that yours have individual solar panels. Usually the batteries go first and if you are a tinkerer and handy with a soldering iron you may be able to replace the batteries but it will likely cost more to do than replacement of the entire unit. When they sell these at the dollar store, why bother?

  • Clean the solar panel. I just wipe mine off occasionally. If it is not the solar panel, it might need a new battery.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on May 26, 2018
    it needs a battery

  • Some Old Lady Some Old Lady on May 26, 2018
    I believe solar lights have a limited lifetime? I don't believe there is anything you could do to repair them, short of buying new ones?

  • Some Old Lady Some Old Lady on May 26, 2018
    Try cleaning the solar disk but they have a life span.

  • Charlene A Edgar Charlene A Edgar on May 26, 2018
    Did you replace the batteries. Make sure they are exactly, the same tIype. I have had many solar lights & Christmas Lights (which have run 24/7/365 for about 5 years). All I do is change the battery & clean the panels.

  • Betty Betty on May 26, 2018
    If your panel is frosted color it is not getting any Sun .clean panels with soap and water . Let dry .clean with alcohol .let dry .brush on clear nail polish will look like new . Good luck

  • Joanne lueke Joanne lueke on May 26, 2018
    We cleaned the solar panel on ours, and then put clear finger nail polish on them. The panels are plastic, just like on your car headlights, and will fog just like your headlights do. That will dim the amount of sunlight that does the charging. You can also use laquer instead of finger nail polish. That plus changing out the batteries should do the trick.

  • Lana Hassell Lana Hassell on May 26, 2018
    Would y'all believe that I had someone tell me one time that her solar lights had quit working and I told her to put new batteries in. She argued for an hour that it DID NOT have batteries, it was solar powered. That was my laugh for the month. She changed the batteries.

    • So with you there! Last trip to a home improvement store I encountered a young couple that had just purchased their first home. I went through the same thing. By the time I was done demonstrating how to change the batteries, I had a crowd. None of them had a clue you could change the batteries . . . Same thing with my next door neighbor with the garage door opener, she had no idea there were batteries in it.