Mold on pool tile.

Emily L
by Emily L
I have mold on the grout and tile on the surface of the tiled border around our in-ground pool. How can I remove it? I'm not sure what caused it because this is above the pool water.
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  • it is soils in the grout itself. A good cleaning using bleach and a scrub brush should do the trick. Mold needs something to eat that is organic. Tile and grout is not. But any soils that have collected within the pores of the grout itself is the cause if this growth development. Once you have cleaned it well. A good quality grout and tile sealer should be used to help prevent this from coming back again.
  • Tile By Gregory Tile By Gregory on Jul 29, 2013
    Outdoor bleach from Lowes or home depot willkill any mould. Outdoor bleach is thick and will cling to surfaces. Leave it on until the mould is gone then rinse.