Will mold grow on the styrofoam ceiling tiles?

Mary C
by Mary C
i would like to install the styrofoam ceiling tiles but i am concerned that moisture build up, humidity,ect., would cause mold to grow on them. are they pretreated for this, or would the customer need to seal the tiles with some type of product to prevent mold growth,...? i live in FL and it is very humid here....and i want to place some in my bathrooms as well, and i am concerned about mold growth....what do you recommend?
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  • Bethany Ragan Bethany Ragan on Jan 12, 2014
    I am currently moving into a house with my boyfriend (it was his grandmas who passed in 05) and his dad rebuilt the whole house back in 2000 and he put styrofoam ceiling tiles and they have yet to get mold. They hold up very nice if you do it right.
  • Styrofoam does not grow mold which makes it a great product for high moisture areas. However, if you do not have a good high CFM exhaust fan in your bathrooms I would invest in that so you do not have mold and mildew growing anywhere else in there. I have a 300CFM exhaust fan in my teens bathroom and there is no mold or mildew on the ceiling or walls. Before we had a cheap one and I was always washing down walls and the shower/tub and now there is no moldy smell even when he leaves the towels lying around. We also installed the fan on the same switch as the light so no more forgetting to turn on the fan! If you do have an exhaust fan, make sure it does not exhaust into your attic or crawl space! I know this is common sense but I have seen it here in my neighbors' homes! It is best they exhaust out the side of house or out the eaves. Hope this helps.
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    • @Mary C Fear is the biggest thing we face when learning something new. I learned early in life to take care of what I wanted/needed and when I moved out at 17 I had to learn to do things myself. My hubby is very handy but works a lot and I love renovating and learning new things. Trial and error of about 30+ years. Good luck with any thing you can tackle in your home!
  • Ceiling Tiles By Us Ceiling Tiles By Us on Jan 16, 2014
    hi Mary C styrofoam will not grown mold and will also provide insulation for your room. super away to install with mastic adhesive, super light and DIY. This is the same material that is used for styrofoam cups and plates.
  • Mary C Mary C on Jan 16, 2014
    thank you so much for your help and response....i am really interested in buying these ceiling tiles....and the added insulation is a nice lil gem to go along with the beauty of a new look for the ceiling......happy hometalking....it's such a pleasure having a hometalk family and friends....again thank you so much for the insight on this matter.... :)