Can't afford new do I reseal the glass to make it warmer

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  • Kauai Breeze Kauai Breeze on Nov 16, 2017

    If the putty around the glass is cracked and coming out, that is easy to fix. There are several You Tube videos on line. Search for How to re-glaze or replace a window pane. Then visit your local hardware store and buy a can of putty and small putty knife. With a little practice you can do a great job that will last for years. Then you can gently pull off the molding around the windows and use "Great Stuff" canned foam insulation to get into all the space between the window frame and house frame. Reinstall your moldings, paint, and you will notice a big difference in your heat bill.

  • Deb Deb on Nov 16, 2017

    Ourswere really big and drafty. We cut styrofoam to fit the windows, really worked well for winter.

  • Bijous Bijous on Nov 16, 2017

    Caulk around the windows using silicone. You can use silicone on the glass also.

    And you can take inexpensive bedspreads, blankets, flannel sheets, canvas drop cloths, really anything heavy (if in US, Big Lots!, Dollar Store). Cut the spreads in half so they can be separated for sunny days. Get a 2x4 and box of nails. Pleat the fabric and attach to 2/4. Flip over the board so the nails are not showing. Nail the 2x4 on the wall with the nailed side facing the wall (you'll need to get under the spread to do this). Use ribbon as tie-backs on sunny days.

  • Judy Judy on Nov 16, 2017

    Use a putty knife, and cut away the old putty., then apply the NEW PUTTY, and smooth this around the window. This will be your answer. Check all the windows, to be sure on no putty areas are missing the putty. This really will tell you where this is needed. Get your putty, and the putty knife before you take your windows down. Try to do this on a sunny day, for it will set faster. Best wishes, J.

  • Judy Judy on Nov 16, 2017

    ALSO - we use window quilts, go to your misc. store, and ask for some quilt material, and this is a rubber 1" foam, and you can make a colorful cover, and a diff one for the other side. turn this inside out, on both sides, and sew the three sides together, and then turn inside out, and put in the foam, and you can hand sew the top. This will be the size of the window, and you can make this the size of the lifting area, to put a rod thru it, and hang it 1/2 way on window frame. This truly helps a great deal, and then place insulated drapes over it, and this will really save money thru all the seasons. You can always choose cheerful patterns for this project. Best wishes, J.

  • Judy Judy on Nov 16, 2017

    Use velcrow at the top, to seal into frame, and not loose warm weather. Best wishes, J.