How can I fix or replace an attic door that is hanging off the hinge?

My husband I have only used our attic stairs a few times. But now it’s hanging slightly ajar, letting “attic smell” into our house. I also worry the door will fall - it’s right above the entrance to one of my daughter’s rooms. Should we just try to adjust the spring or do we need a new door kit? I mainly am concerned about the safety of the door.

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  • Lifestyles Homes Lifestyles Homes on Aug 14, 2019

    my guess is that it was not installed properly & it needs to be held up while additional lag screws are put into the framed opening.

    Perhaps the framed opening is failing itself.

    You’re going to have to shore it up with lumber after you determine what failed.

    I would do 2 things first, buy a step ladder so you can get into the attic & work on this job and then get negative air pressure in there by putting in a fan in the gable vent.

    If the framing of the opening is faulty, you’re going to need a strong helper with framing experience to help determine if the door needs to be removed first.

  • Seth Seth on Aug 14, 2019


    Check where the hinges attach to the framing, where the springs attach to the hinges, and the plates that attach the springs to the framing. See if any of those are loose and causing a sag because of the pressure from the spring. Also check to see if one of the hinges might be bent or out of alignment. The springs can't really be adjusted. As Cheryl suggested, the framing itself may be faulty or the correct fasteners were not used.

  • Sharon Sharon on Aug 15, 2019

    Here is one guy showing how to replace the spring....

    I would also check the side framing up at the cut out edges, look for a screw that pull out. Its been my experience with installers, they never have long enough screws to hold stuff in/on and they pull out. Replace the missing or weak part with a longer screw into the framing.