How to DIY hinged shower door

Noele Edwards
by Noele Edwards
O.K. this sliding glass shower door system works so much better than the shower curtain that would either cling to us or allow water on the floor. BUT, this is such a narrow area, the sliding doors overlap by six inches.
Question for my DIY friends: How do I transform these sliding glass doors into two hinged doors?
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  • Andrea Ware Schmidbauer Andrea Ware Schmidbauer on Feb 28, 2016
    Call a carpenter...
    • Noele Edwards Noele Edwards on Feb 28, 2016
      @Andrea Ware Schmidbauer A carpenter won't give me suggestions for how to Do It Myself.
  • Mandy Brown Mandy Brown on Feb 28, 2016
    Have you considered a curved shower rod? I know it doesn't seem like it would make much of a difference, but when I remodeled my other house I installed one and it was like taking a shower inside a room! We had the problem with the curtain clinging to us when the air came on and it always felt cramped, but after we put the curved pole in we never had that problem again. I always put a vinyl liner together with a fabric curtain so we would put the vinyl liner inside the tub when showering. It still kept the water from getting out without causing the curtain to close in on us.
    • Noele Edwards Noele Edwards on Feb 28, 2016
      @Mandy Brown I should have included the fact that this isn't a tub, but a shower stall with a very low threshold. When we had a shower curtain, the fan would push it into clinging. When we went without the fan, the curtain would slip over the low threshold and get water on the floor.
  • Janis Janis on Feb 28, 2016
    I would just get a sliding shower door that fits the space. Non-frosted glass with thin framing. It would update the bathroom and be super easy to have done.
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    • Noele Edwards Noele Edwards on Feb 28, 2016
      @Janis This shower door set is supposedly sized for the space. It's a 42" opening with two 24" doors that overlap 6."
  • Theresa Smith Theresa Smith on Feb 28, 2016
    Noel, perhaps this is not a diy project; seems to me some pretty professional skills would be needed. Better to call a pro. Regarding the size, the overlap is needed so it doesn't spray water all over. I like Janis' idea.
    • Noele Edwards Noele Edwards on Feb 28, 2016
      @Theresa Smith Although I'm a woman, I've never been afraid to take on projects. For clarification, these doors were to fit sizes from 42" to 48." A 6" overlap is not necessary, but just a consequence of bundling sizes together.
  • Kathy Bitzan Kathy Bitzan on Feb 28, 2016
    I think you need to go shopping for new doors that you want with hinges, I don't think converting them would be cost effective. But good luck and let us know what you decide.
  • Angel12824 Angel12824 on Feb 28, 2016
    A piano hinge would work for making the doors swing, But that is going to take up a lot of space. Also the doors won't be in the sliding rail, allowing water to leak out. You could try 2 clear accordion doors with a solid liner on the inside to keep water in.
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    • Noele Edwards Noele Edwards on Feb 28, 2016
      @Angel12824 Brilliant! A piano hinge! That would disperse the tension over the length of the door. The threshold will be changed to one that is similar to hinged doors, so that water would not be an issue.
  • Johnchip Johnchip on Feb 28, 2016
    You cannot 'transform' them, you would have to replace. If you want to DIY, get your measurements and start your search on line or at Lowes, Home Dept, etc. or call in a pro, get 2-3 estimates and references(** on their shower door replacement jobs). I would guess to have replaced right you will look at about $500. DIY $200, with leaks and 2 long weekends of confusing work.
  • Lynn Palmatier Lynn Palmatier on Feb 28, 2016
    Most doors like you are describing is not a hinged door, but a door with a pivot point. I have seen them on Bath remodels but are usually done by professionals. the thickness of the tempered glass is key to balance. Have you done research on that type of door? Best to get as much info on the type of door and sources before attempting..
    • Noele Edwards Noele Edwards on Feb 29, 2016
      @Lynn Palmatier Yes, since I've posted this question, I've seen the words "pivot point" frequently used on the frame-less plate glass doors. I didn't realize it could be used for doors with metal frames. Thanks!
  • Linda Linda on Feb 29, 2016
    I just bought Aqua doors, hinged and the door is half the size of the permanent one. So nice, check it out on
  • Linda Linda on Feb 29, 2016
    Dreamline Shower doors .. Aqua series is what I have. Nice!
  • Noele Edwards Noele Edwards on Mar 01, 2016
    The piano hinge suggestion worked out very well.