Asked on Nov 23, 2017

How to fix rubber backing curtain?

by Zah19230757
I wash the curtains by hand once they were dry curtains were stuck toghter so i unstuck them . from many places rubber backing is gone.Help please

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  • Big lulu Big lulu on Nov 23, 2017

    No way to fix this. Too late now but they need to be dried flat not folded so that the lining is touching other lining parts

  • Dfm Dfm on Nov 23, 2017

    you need to remove the rest of the backing. As for insulating the window or curtians a flannel sheet hung behind the drapes work.

  • Zah19230757 Zah19230757 on Nov 23, 2017

    Thank you

  • Judy Judy on Nov 23, 2017

    Sometimes, the rubber just gives, with time. When you wash them, do it gently, and then dry them, for 30 minutes, on COOL., and then lay them over the back of a chair, till you put the hooks in, and hang them. During the time you are washing them, you can get the windows clean, and have the windows up, so the fresh air, will come in. The drapes will be fine, tho it may take time for the total drying to take effect, tho this will be fine. Temp heat is the main factor. Best wishes, J.

  • Judy Judy on Nov 23, 2017

    PS., the curtain that has pealed, you may want to put on the side of the window, so it won't show. If this is in the center of the panel of the drape, then just use it anyway. Or, you can have a window curtain, that you can lower 1/2 way, and this may cover this area, also. This depends on where it is at. Just nuggets of help, ok? Best wishes, J.