How to repair pushed out porch screens

by Blm11213455

Can someone tell me how to repair a window screen? The screens on my porch were pushed out.

  3 answers
  • Linda Linda on Apr 14, 2018

    If the structure is aluminum you will buy screen, spline and a roller to replace screen in frame. Cut screen a little over sized and add spline all the way around. Use roller to push spline into groove around screen opening. Take a piece of old spline to store to be sure you get the right size. Expect to find all items in same section of store. If structure is wood you will buy screen and wood trim as needed and small finishing nails. Remove molding strips of wood holding on old screen and nails. Cut new screen add wood and nail on strips. Paint and trim excess screen. Good luck!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Apr 15, 2018

    If the screen is in good condition and not too out of shape, you can reuse the screen and spline. Check the spline to make sure it is not really dried out.