Dye these with silk ties

Create a unique design on your eggs by dyeing with 100% silk ties. Wrap in the tie and scrap fabric, boil, cool and unwrap for a one-of-a-kind look. Get tutorial here

Marbelize with nail polish & glitter

Dazzle your eggs with this fun egg decor using nail polish and glitter. Combine any colors for a bright and joyful look. Great project for teenagers! Get tutorial here

Give them a modern 3D look

Impress everyone with these 3D painted eggs. Use tissue paper and copper leaf for a modern, sleek and shiny look. Get tutorial here

Use food coloring and crayons on these

Food coloring and vinegar are used to create a unique egg dye color. Decorate with crayons and then dye in a second color. Get tutorial here

Attach fabric adhesive strips for patchwork eggs

The sky is the limit on the patterns you can create with cut up adhesive strips. Cut, stick and you're done! Get tutorial here

Make them look like agate rock

Give your eggs a rich, agate rock colored look by soaking them in dye, then building up layers of color with sprinkled with drops of food coloring. Get tutorial here

Use a Sharpie to doodle up your eggs

Your imagination will help you to create beautiful black and white doodle patterns. Add color if you want! Get tutorial here

Tye-Dye them using shaving cream

Make this egg tye-dye into a family project! The kids will love swirling food coloring into shaving cream and then rolling the eggs into it. Get tutorial here

Design your own Emojis on these

This one will be a family favorite! Draw your favorite emoji...or design your own using acrylic paint, a paint brush, and black & red paint markers. Get tutorial here

Gild them with a golden touch

Colored eggs get fancied up with liquid leaf gilding. Paint in any color, let dry and carefully dab on the gold. Will shine up your Easter decor! Get tutorial here

Apply temporary tattoos

A mess free technique for beautiful egg decor. Select a tattoo in your style and go for it. Works well on ceramic eggs too. Get tutorial here

Watercolor a spring theme

Use watercolor paint to decorate your eggs with pretty floral spring themed designs. Get tutorial here

Color them Olaf!

View the helpful video to guide you in this kid-friendly, Frozen inspired Easter egg decor. Black and orange fine tipped markers is all that's needed. Get tutorial here