1. Rustic Breakfast Nook Table

A breakfast nook is the ideal space for a restaurant-style booth. Taking this one step further, Robert used old barn doors to build this fantastic table set. To recreate his table, take four uprights and stabilize them using a central crossbeam. Add additional supports between the uprights before screwing on a sanded down barn door. Amazing. Get tutorial here

2. Light and Bright Breakfast Nook Set

Before this makeover, Rosemary’s breakfast nook featured various shades of brown. Although attractive, she wanted to brighten up the space with beige, whites, and colored patterns. As well as a fresh look, the new color scheme makes her nook feel more spacious; something we think is important when you’re redesigning any small space. Get tutorial here

3. Breakfast Nook Bench Basics

Building a breakfast nook bench doesn’t have to be difficult. To replicate this project, use 2X4 planks to create a simple frame. For reference, use four crossbeams (two at the top, two below) and add supports across the center. Finally, cover the exposed faces with MDF, paint, and lay wooden strips across the top and screw into place. Simple. Get tutorial here

4. Creative Corner Breakfast Nook

The trick to building a corner breakfast nook is angles. For this project, Woodshop Diaries built the corner cabinets separately before attaching them to straight benches. A top tip is to make a template by tracing the lines of your alcove onto cardboard. Once you’ve built the corner units, attaching them to straight benches creates a nice flow. Get tutorial here

5. Brilliant Breakfast Nook Ideas

This breakfast nook is full of surprises. For starters, the dark varnish makes the bench stand out. Beyond that, the wooden frame has a hidden secret: hinges. For this bench, Chelsea made a simple frame. The only difference here is that she secured the top with hinges. This means she can lift it up at will, creating a fantastic storage space. Get tutorial here

6. Breakfast Nook Ideas – Don’t Ignore the Walls

Everyone focuses on tables and benches when it comes to breakfast nook makeovers. This Hometalker had other ideas. Wanting to create a feature without touching her furniture, she stenciled the nook’s wall. After sticking a Harlequin Trellis stencil to the wall with painter’s tape, she rolled on white paint, removed the stencil, and voila! Get tutorial here

7. Fabulous 50s Breakfast Nook Set

If you want a new breakfast nook set, try this 50s revival. For us, there are two keys to recreating this look. First, the Eero Saarinen-style Tulip table and four chairs perfectly capture the smooth, sleek style of the 50s. From there, bold colors are crucial. As well as the cushions, look at the ceiling. Perfect! Get tutorial here

8. Breakfast Nook Table Makeover

A sander, some varnish, and a few tabletop items were all Anna needed to transform her breakfast nook. The reason we love this project, aside from its simplicity, is how the table is bold yet complimentary. By choosing a natural color, Anna has matched the table perfectly with her bench, but managed to give it enough character to stand on its own.  Get tutorial here

9. Colorful Corner Breakfast Nook

The beauty of this corner breakfast nook is its subtle details. The takeaways from this project are fabrics and lines. For the soft furnishings, Hometalker Brooke used tweeds. As well as a robust appearance, these covers are hardwearing. Beyond that, she used two long cushions instead of individual ones. This created clean lines and a sleek look. Get tutorial here

10. Build a Solid Breakfast Nook Bench

The trick to building a sturdy breakfast nook bench is the right sized wood and cleats. For this bench, Jenni used 2X4 planks for the frame and 3/4” plywood. These materials ensure the bench has enough inherent strength. To strengthen it further, screw cleats into the wall (use scrap wood). These provide a solid base to attach the frame to. Get tutorial here

11. Breakfast Nook Ideas That Create Space

We love the coziness of a breakfast nook but creating the illusion of space is always desirable. For this project, Cutting Edge Stencils used a Moroccan pattern to give her walls a neat look and, importantly, space. The reason this style works is the contrasts it creates. The white lines reflect the light and that appears to open up the area. Get tutorial here

12. Ingenious Breakfast Nook

Space doesn’t have to be a premium in a breakfast nook. In building her L-shaped bench, Dawn opted to leave the front face open. Doing that allowed her to add dividers and create neat little cupboard holes. The pullout baskets transform this bench into a practical unit while the individual cushions complete the farmhouse look. Get tutorial here

13. Breakfast Nook Bench in Minutes

A breakfast nook bench doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take days to install. Working with a 11X12 space, Hometalker Michelle started with a small round table as this shape (compared to a rectangle) helps save space. The other neat trick is the standalone benches. These can be moved at will and provide perfect seating for a small area. Get tutorial here

14. Instant Breakfast Nook Makeover

Want an easy way to transform your breakfast nook without any cutting, fixing or painting? Well, thanks to Mohawk Home, we’ve got the answer. As you can see, all this Hometalker needed to switch up the look of their nook was a rug. As long as the colors match, the trick here is to be as big and bold as possible. Simple! Get tutorial here

15. Silky Soft Breakfast Nook Bench

In this breakfast nook tutorial, Ashely offers a myriad of tips. The one that stuck with us was the use of fabric. To create a unique, soft look, she covered the bench in fabric. Covering the cushion is nothing new but we think you can add some extra depth by covering the face panel as well. It’s different, but we think it could work. Get tutorial here