How to build stairs for the inside of your home?

We turned our carport into a man cave, enclosed it with walls, windows the works, its a beautiful room now, however, we DON'T want to put the old outside stairs back. We are not carpenters by any means, but we want to try it ourselves. So far we've done all the work ourselves and this is the last thing that needs done. we want to enclose them because the existing stairs the cat gets under them and swats at our feet as we walk up the stairs, we also want to keep it as open in that area as possible but also need a sturdy nice looking handrail for our aging parents to use when the visit. All help appreciated.

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  • Sandra Sandra on Nov 14, 2017
    The same bars in walls in hospital/ nursing homes. Iknow retired RN, Now need just that help lookover in suite & halls showers

  • 27524803 27524803 on Nov 14, 2017
    Go to or or and they will give you ideas on style and instructions on how to correctly plan and build your stairs... and I understand that some of the large home improvement stores have pre-cut stair risers available... if you don't want to try and figure out the formula yourselves.... just be aware... that building codes in different areas have different requirements for stairs and railings.... do that first... because you took out the old ones... the new ones will have to conform to code in your area.

    • Don30661044 Don30661044 on Nov 16, 2017
      Okay, First thing i'll do then. Risers sound good to me though, and will be the second thing we'll check out. There is a Lowe's about 40 minutes from us and when we try to talk to the people in the certain departments, they act like we're from outer space, This is what we asked them if they had last time,
      "Joist hangers"? Hummmm, I've never heard of anything like that before. Deed, are you serious??? I can only Imagine what kind of looks i'm gonna get when i ask for pre-cut stair risers. Thank you for heads up about building codes, and God bless you and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Sandra Sandra on Nov 14, 2017
    Easy as cat owner. Put cat lures ;toys smells in in old socks on hooks where paws lurk noisy or smelly are best. Just be safe. My brown cat is funny n great except WAKES me for outdoor cat business a bout 4am

    • Don30661044 Don30661044 on Nov 16, 2017
      I get the same wake -up call from Max. He's mainly an out door cat, but when the cold weather come's he perfers inside comfort and warmth. Take care and thanks for the advice. Happy Thanksgiving