How to replace the 2" grout strip at the base of a tub?

The strip is brittle, cracked and sticky at the base of the tub. I want to effectively remove all the residue so I can attach a new strip.

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  • Peggy L Burnette Peggy L Burnette on Feb 04, 2019

    Hi Barb, sorry you are having problems with your old grout strip. I hope this is helpful for you to fix it. Good luck Installing Caulk Strip Over Cracked Grout | Checking In With Chelsea


    Dec 27, 2014 - Homax caulk strip installed at base of white bathtub and tan tile floor ... I ended up cutting about 2 inches off of mine. So it's plenty long for any ...

    • Barb Barb on Feb 04, 2019

      Thank you for replying. I did not explain correctly; what I need to remove is a caulk strip, not cracked grout.

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Feb 04, 2019

    Hi Barb. Two inches is extremely wide for grout! Most grout will not be stable over about half an inch. For removal of the old grout, get a grout saw from the tile department of any home improvement store. It costs about $10.

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    • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Feb 05, 2019

      Oh, that's much easier! Run a utility knife along the edge of the caulking and then just peel it off. Two inches is still really wide! You may need to apply multiple thin layers allowing the caulk to dry in between to build it up. If you don't need to make it that wide, it will hold up much better