How can I get my small candle out of jar. .?


Bought a small candle at Wal-Mart. .want to get wax out to put morning glory seeds in for a gift. .I put in freezer but it has a small neck on it .the bottom is wider .have sitting in sun now. .burn it for a while. .it is 91 degrees out going to see if it melts .any suggestions ?

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  • Hot water usually does the trick. Stick the whole thing in hot water and it will pop out.

    • Betty Betty on Sep 06, 2018

      Thanks so much Emy. .it worked .took a bowl put in microwave. Put candle in bowl. Melted fast. .Thanks again. .

  • Zard Pocleeb Zard Pocleeb on Sep 05, 2018

    If that doesn’t work try heating it in a double boiler.

    • Betty Betty on Sep 06, 2018

      The hot water worked. .did water in microwave. .now ready for the seeds. .Thanks for your reply. .

  • Janice Janice on Sep 06, 2018

    HOT water! When it liquifies, pour it out and wash well with sudsy hot water, dry and place your gift seeds into the jar.

    • Betty Betty on Sep 06, 2018

      Hi Janice. Did the microwave water boil. Put candle in water melted fast. .got it all cleaned out ready for my seeds. .still pulling out morning glory and cosmos seeds. .I think they will look cute in the little jar. .Thanks again .

  • Susan Majchrzak Susan Majchrzak on Sep 06, 2018

    Microwave for a minute if it's glass.

    • Betty Betty on Sep 06, 2018

      Hi Susan. Was afraid to put in microwave because it was glass. .I was afraid it would break. .I put a bowl of water in microwave let it broil . Then sit candle in water. .Melted fast. .Thanks again for the reply. .