How do I repurpose collectors' plates?

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  • Joanie Joanie on Nov 10, 2019

    I seen a diy and she hung them on the wall in shape of a wreath. Iwas inspired and I'm goin' to use mine with Our Family initial. I'm gonna try???

  • Cindy Cindy on Nov 11, 2019

    I inherited collector's plates and I display them in my dining room. I bought two plate holders from Hobby Lobby and hung them on the wall. They are the focal point in the room.

  • Fiddledd224 Fiddledd224 on Nov 11, 2019

    You can stack them between candlesticks (glued, of course between each layer) to make tiered snack/dessert trays.

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Nov 16, 2019

    I am not totally sure what your end results are for wanting... ^ what I have done with specific numbered plates are to first only collect those that are of GOOD quality ( nevermind whether the stand is with it or not, it’s the actual quality with numbers printed on the plates that make them unique; and indeed can be incredibly high with returns of funds.

    My inside knowledge on ‘unusual objects’ for sale in 2020, starts early around February, though it might mean March where you are{ all works of time shifts.. like codes for digital equipments}... So I specifically collect to professionally clean, slight fixes if needed, and re-pack after photo graphs have been done... of course placing one’s unusual objects in a safe place, ready for a special sale. The next matter is to find the current ‘different’ ways of selling, without making a large noise on mainstream media ~~~ this is for a few darn good reasons, for if you get interested immediate sales in your area then this would be obviously best for costs; however you might get someone of importance from a far distance that will negotiate a higher payment for the object they want.

    For 2020, as so much will be in changing as in an overhaul of almost everything as known with computer operations, so it’s best looking at all different types of search engines to find the unique areas to sell. This takes a little time, like a day of concentration of where you are looking. If you don’t want interference, it’s now known, and a best idea to do, which is to use three to four search engines and place google at the bottom of your listing, as a default account. ^ As software changes are going to create a lot of unnecessary drama for the people at large with Microsoft software; they too are working on a ‘special way’~ to announce security for their users, I believe it would be useful for interested persons not involved with Mac to check out seminars in ref to knowledge about the Halo system... I could say more though I won’t except that for top security in our moving culture Apple/Mac owns the ship:)

    By researching deeper than one would usually, you will be surprised with what one can find for selling Unique objects; which numbered plates fall under and throughout next year there will be a calling for persons with these items... it’s a good idea to scrub up on research of objects you have to get a good idea on what you can deem as reasonable to sell, however always note how few something is too, and how good the conditions are.. this goes for ALL unusual objects and thangs, and many become priceless, so it then becomes a matter of only dealing with serious people.

    🔺By sticking with generals” such as e-bay for example, often you get people just looking for the best price... that’s fine if that’s all one cares about, though if you have put work into collecting and looking after, then remember you always hold the cards as far as negotiations.

    Now if you wish to keep; I would really simply suggest a good made Perspex closing door shelving.. absolutely clear, so your display is what people are looking at; in addition make sure the background is of white, whether that be your own walls or an added wall for the specific shelves.

    These can be found in many different types of shops displaying their goods... don’t know where to find, then Investigation by speaking directly to people is far better than search engine searching, and you can make some better clearer contacts that could be of use for other things” that could entice ... also you can keep the idea” as a fun project that has the ability to take you far in other avenues without having to use the usual social media ways. *In actual fact there are new communities cropping up privately everywhere and DoNot use F.B, ( the most unsafest place to put any new idea down being an Information source collector primarily... there are much nicer and better ways for doing the right movements unless one chooses to become extremely large within any business ( this includes small objects sales too), the reality is the ‘better people’ they don’t sit playing with the ‘obvious’.

    The safest way to simplify anything if needed by email currently is through the Cloud ( and it’s new areas), however if you are with Microsoft then not only regular checkups of one’s systems will be mandatory, the only email suitable for security currently ( and it doesn’t mean it’s an easy email to use initially though worth trying a free term before committing; thus making sure you don’t use you favourite hidden names first too; This I still hesitate to say is the best in this area for correlation currently,though it appears that it is and that is Protonmail... warning though, they are difficult personnel to deal with as they have had a lot to hide and iron out like a lot of email platforms . ^ Totally Free is a No No now a days so do donate something. Just know that some good reading is required for this email area as it does operate quite differently< though when servers are down every where then none are safe... the highest then is of the Cloud.

    *** a tad more info to ponder on.

    🔺Perspex can be dear, or you can get a bargain, like everything, and if you are not able to do then you pay the right area to assist you, otherwise be your own genius and search out what you want cause it will come. ^ For decor tips for 2020 Perspex is coming back in for many different reasons; including colours, however I repeat for these precious objects it’s best in clear; white backing (or mirrors for other reasons) so people can see the info on the back... not necessary though proffered as you don’t want to many hands touching these items.... opening and closing the doors can lead to dust fixing itself in corners. {Tip/Idea}

    As a person in intricate areas of decor and new business arrangements, to security for keeping your sanity and much more, my years as an IRO { Investigation Researchers Officiated} leads one to many a connected field that then can open other new opportunities if one dares to alter the way the majority have been directed to go... even the simple statement heard to frequently in this day and age about google being the only ‘thing’ , search engines, though it’s called the Nosey perpetrator, otherwise it wouldn’t keep getting so many fines from large companies not happy with their continued twisting of policy/which in part is law, and known for connections to other areas and places without permission of high.

    Whatever you do, do it differently and initial safety for this time of the year will be on your side... especially if you don’t go through Google’s search engines... would love to give away a complete report pertaining to what really is in this New climate, however I hope I have answered something that could take your interest for your unusual plates of worthiness... *if in good condition as I speculate.

    if not then break into selected area and make a collage sculpture out of them, though I doubt that is what you have; then being of interesting rubbish... as said that can be turned into Art if one is accredited there.

    Much sincerity with what you do,


    ~Smile ~

  • MadameRã MadameRã on Nov 23, 2019

    Re~apologies for the combination ‘talk’ in Response to Re~purpose of plates....

    ^this was a combined answer for someone else, unfortunately I didn’t look closely at the persons name in question .

    Thank you.