I have been asked to make a wedding veil into something special??

My niece gave me her wedding veil to transform into a keep sake of some kind. Any Ideas??? Help.
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  • Michelle Leslie Michelle Leslie on Jul 03, 2016
    Oh wow, that's quite a scary honor. Depending on what the veil looks like you could use it to make a romantic lampshade for their bedroom or if you combine it with some of material from her wedding dress (left over scraps if there are) it could look gorgeous as a book cover to save all the future beautiful memories they'll be making together?

  • Ruth P. Hakulin Ruth P. Hakulin on Jul 03, 2016
    I make flowers out of left over fabric from the gowns and the same can be done with veil. Make a tube 4" long, stitching closed on the long side. Turn inside out. Wrap one end around a pipe cleaner (color can match the veil or use a green) fasten it with floral wire, wrapping it tight. Then fod into the cen of the tube the top half. Should look similar to a rose bud. Another thought is to make a shadow box using the veil as the background. Don't make it flat, bunch it up in places like rusching on a gown. Glue momentos from the wedding in the indentations. I did this for my daughters first anniversary. I used cork from their champagne bottle, ribbons from the favors some cut out pictures and other personal items. Just have fun with it.

  • Pat Holden Pat Holden on Jul 03, 2016
    Because if left uncovered, the veil will discolor, I suggest making a shadow box of sorts with photos, wedding invitation, the favors, etc. with the veil decoratively placed around the edges. If a crown piece, I would incorporate that at the top. All would be under glass to preserve the contents. Sounds like a wonderful project to me.

  • Ajc Ajc on Jul 03, 2016
    Potpourri sachets! Mom always gave these to me for the drawer! Fill and tie - great gifts.....Two or three layers of netting, sewed into pouches or tied and then sown so the tie won't become undone. The scent can be refreshed every year with a couple drops of essential oil. OR Also causes me to think of the tree top Christmas angel my mom made out of starch soaked muslin. This page is a ghost - BUT if the layers of veil were smoothed and tightened around the head, then flared out onto the arms and skirt. Actually, maybe covering an old wire lampshade with the same thing in mind. might be cool. Both could be sprayed with polyurethane at the end for dust-ability. Also think it could become a really neat fairy dress or depending on how much veil, a drape over the bed.....Something that can be either washed or vacuumed would be best! A skirt around a baby's cradle...mosquito netting...

  • Dianefarrell Dianefarrell on Jul 03, 2016
    You could use part of it inside of a frame with a dark color paper underneath to make it stand out around a wedding photo.

  • Tmpmustang Tmpmustang on Jul 03, 2016
    I agree with the shadow box. I seen a Japanese artist created three hand fans using a piece of antique traditional wedding fabric from their country starched and glued in a shadowbox. It was gorgeous and $2000 plus in 1980. The fans resembled the fans children fold in first grade. Simple jewels or pearls with ribbon dangled at the bottom of the fans. Like it was in motion. It was simple without all the tacky shiny and gold details that are sometimes included. It was gorgeous. Later that year, I saw a replica made with paper with the decorative fabric glued onto a single fan in a shadow box for $250 ... Beautiful but not the same as the original.

  • C Crow C Crow on Jul 03, 2016
    Really nice ideas, folks. Yesterday a friend reminded me of the sweet, old-fashioned tradition of making the wedding dress or veil into a bassinette cover or decoration for the children of the marriage.

  • Bernadette Staal Bernadette Staal on Jul 03, 2016
    I would make it into cushions - depending on the depth of the fabric (e.g. assuming it is see through) and the decoration within the lace - I would chose a contrasting colour fabric to go underneath the lace; hence you will see the colour through the lace. You could match the colour of fabric to their existing house colour pallet.

  • Joyce Joyce on Jul 03, 2016
    Depends on how long. A bed canapy at the head.?

  • Joanna Joanna on Jul 05, 2016
    You could create a "keepsake" pillow by using some of the lace or even make a future "ring" pillow for a wedding. I would appreciate a christening gown made with some the lace. You could also cut some of the lace and finish the edges to give to the future brides in your family as the "something old". Hope this helps!

  • Cindy Cindy on Jul 05, 2016
    I would use an old window with several panes and drape it like a lace curtain behind the window, then put wedding pictures in each of window panes. Would be beautiful wall hanging!

  • Sandi Reynolds Sandi Reynolds on Jul 08, 2016
    Use it on front door wreath. or on wall decor for their first baby:)