I have some antique ceiling tin I don't know what to do with.Any ideas

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  • Albert McBee Albert McBee on Feb 23, 2018
    offer it for sale on one of the popular sites like e-bay or craigslist. Be careful, though. Scammers will try to steal them. Always require cash or paypal, no checks or other type of payment. Especially do not accept payment by wire.

  • Dfm Dfm on Feb 23, 2018
    i'd frame them

  • Connie Dexter Spicer Connie Dexter Spicer on Feb 23, 2018
    Ooooh, lots of great ideas.

    You can use them as a kitchen backsplash... https://www.pinterest.com/pin/283515739012226138/

    You can frame them and use them as a front for a pie safe (assuming you might have a pie safe - or a hutch with unsightly doors...)

    You can freshen up the look of cabinet doors by using the ceiling tin... if it's not decorative enough, you can also add your own touches with a small ball peen hammer (or a rubber mallet) and a brad/nail of your size preference.

    Draw out your ideas and test first! Once you have the idea you want, use your old pal Scroll Saw to cut the shapes you need in the cabinet door front. Leave an edge for the tin to fit on and either use wood to frame it in, or glue in place so the tin edges show.

    Get creative. This can be done on tables in the room where the ceiling tiles are to maintain the flow too, almost like a mosaic.

    You can make decorative candle sconces using the tins also. Head over to the dollar store and pick up some frames the tins will fit inside. There are tons of great videos on how to make the sconces/lanterns. I prefer smaller ones myself, if your tins fit inside them. You can punch decorative designs in them once the framing is complete, affix them to the frame and I would use battery operated candles for safety. Fun project and keeps the theme going.

    Make some cool wind chimes using some copper tubing. Again, plenty of online videos, so watch some for ideas on lengths to cut. Your friendly hardware store should cut to size. Be sure to sand them down. then punch or screw holes at the same spot along the top. Get some rubber grommets to fit inside (or maybe try a bead of silicone if you're good with a bead gun.) Once it's dry or the grommets are fixed in their spot, you can start stringing them. Be sure to use a heavy duty twine or a sport thread (fishing line is popular). Maybe you have a special top you'd like to use to hang them from in circular pattern. Once you have them attached to the main upper, add a center string. It will be longer than the tubes. Attached in the middle, add a large washer (a 2 inch or better will get it going. Experiment with how you want it to hang - do you want it to just hang down or do you want to create multiple points by tying it off in several places? Then, add another length of string to dangle below your pipes, add your tin to help pick up wind and weigh it with another washer (you can get creative and use colors too!).

    Here are a couple of other Pinterest ideas (I'm not connected to any of these)...

    I could come up with a few more, but it's getting late. :) However you use your tins, have fun! I'd love to see them!

  • Gail Gail on Feb 23, 2018
    Use them as wainscoting in any room you'd like.