I have a wooden toddler bed to upcycle, any suggestions?

I have a toddler bed with light wood headboard and footboard and the 2 railings. I would like to upcycle it into something useful!
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 03, 2015
    Is there a way to dismantle the bed to maybe make it into a bookcase?

    • J J on Sep 03, 2015
      @Janet Pizaro I don't think it will stand upright without some major reenforcement, not sure, lol, I just can't picture it.

  • Maybe you could make a bench using the headboard for the back?

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 03, 2015
    Ive never really done any transformations on furniture the only other idea I have is to create a garden bench or table.Pinterest would probly have a better answer then me. Sorry I tried.

    • J J on Sep 04, 2015
      Thanks, I have only painted old furniture myself, I tried to look on interest awhile back but will try again.

  • Z Z on Sep 03, 2015
    It would help if you could share a picture of it. There are quite a few styles out there. Knowing which one exactly would help get Hometalkers creative juices flowing.

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    • Z Z on Sep 04, 2015
      @J, it's easy. Just click on the words "Add Photos" below the comment box. Find the folder on your computer where the picture is, click on it then go to the bottom of the window/folder that the picture was in and chose "open". It's as easy as that.

  • Vicki at Entri Ways Vicki at Entri Ways on Sep 04, 2015
    A bench. A dog bed. A dresser mirror. A chalkboard or message center. A coat/hat rack.

  • Sandi Brenciaglia Sandi Brenciaglia on Sep 04, 2015
    Hi, we rescue animals and right now have 3 big dogs, one of them elderly. Those little beds make perfect dog beds, keeping the old ones off the cold floor yet not too high for them to get up to. We usually see a couple of the cats sharing it too.

  • Marge Marge on Sep 04, 2015
    You could use the rails hung on the wall. Then hang items like towels or craft items. You could also use them as a back drop behind plants outside, against a wall. I second the idea about a dog bed too.

  • J J on Sep 04, 2015
    We are a dogless family lol, it's all I can do at my age to keep up with 3 kids under 7! Lol

  • LD LD on Sep 04, 2015
    I like the idea of making it into a bench, and here is a link showing how this creative lady did it. http://www.myrepurposedlife.com/2012/08/guest-post-toddler-bed-into-bench-by.html