What to do with used VHS tapes?

They were used to record off the tv programs and are no longer needed. I would love to recycle or reuse them.
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  • Cheryl Toth-Nickerson Cheryl Toth-Nickerson on Nov 03, 2016
    You can cover the cases with material, paper, shelf liner etc. and write on the spines like a book. Or recycle them to Goodwill. You can also pry open the cases and remove the guts, use the cases to store photos etc.

  • Lelani Lelani on Nov 03, 2016
    want to recycle the used film tape

    • Wickedsister Wickedsister on Nov 28, 2016
      I saw sometime back that they used the film as ribbon. Especially for over the hill parties , New Years Eve. I took it out and rolled it like a regular ribbon

  • Cathie Mars Cathie Mars on Nov 05, 2016
    I donated g-rated movies that I recorded or had bought Disney movies. Donated them to the homeless shelters- give kids something to do while they are there.

  • Lelani Lelani on Nov 05, 2016
    I recorded them from the tv and am not allowed to sell or donate them due to copyright laws.

  • Gail Atwell Arbogast Gail Atwell Arbogast on Nov 11, 2016
    Pull the actual tape from three of the cassettes. Tie a knot at the end of the three tapes and braid them. Use a crochet hook and make a round rug that is water proof for your porch. No promises, just a suggestion. If the tape is not strong enough use six of them with two strands each.

  • Hub8396756 Hub8396756 on Nov 12, 2016
    I bought a small purse made from crochet tapes at a craft show. Cost $5.00

  • Joyce Eggert Haven Joyce Eggert Haven on Nov 12, 2016
    At a recycle fashion workshop, the leader cautioned us on how we handle vhs tapes and about wearing something made of vhs tapes. VHS tapes have magnetic material in them (that's how they work) and this material can be absorbed through the skin when working with it or wearing it. Please check with your local eco center to see if they recycle/dispose of it in any way.