What to do with a Jenny Lind crib now illegal?

Kate F
by Kate F
I have my Jenny Lind crib form my kids. It is now illegal due to the drop down sides - what ideas are there out there besides a trellis?

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  • Tammy@Deja Vue Designs Tammy@Deja Vue Designs on Jun 03, 2013
    They make adorable benches....or you can hang it from the ceiling and make a drying rack or pot rack. You could hang it on the wall with spacers behind it and make an awesome towel rack.
  • Lorah Marquardt Lorah Marquardt on Jun 03, 2013
    There is a great post here on Hometalk on turning the sides into wall mounted drying racks. Very clever idea.
  • Kate F Kate F on Jun 03, 2013
    I saw the drying rack - good ideas. Not something I need. I'll probably make a bench of some sort.
  • Sharon Crosby Sharon Crosby on Jun 03, 2013
    I have a friend who suggested that if you screw the sides in so they can no longer drop down that maybe they could still be used as a crib...not sure about that though.
  • Nomi Seastead Nomi Seastead on Jun 03, 2013
    Saw a Day Bed/couch made out of one.
  • Tedra Tedra on Jun 04, 2013
    Saw an idea also to turn into child's desk. Good luck!
  • Chris Fuller Chris Fuller on Jun 05, 2013
    I have a twin size Jenny Lind bed that I will be turning into a bench. There are sites, which I can't remember at the top of my head, that provide beautiful examples of benches that were once beds or cribs. I am sure that whatever you do, your project will be lovely! Good luck!
  • Jeanette S Jeanette S on Jun 05, 2013
    I saw one that was set up as a potting table. But I thought it would be perfect in a laundry room! Baskets underneath for sorting the dirties and with a sheet of plyboard at the highest level an the side let down, a folding table to fold clothes. If you have a craft area, this would also make a perfect work table.
  • Cindy Chadwick Cindy Chadwick on Jun 05, 2013
    Have you seen the benches made from bed headboards & foot boards? That might be an idea for you
  • Kate F Kate F on Jun 07, 2013
    yes - thanks for some great ideas~!
  • Barbara Thomas Barbara Thomas on Jun 10, 2013
    Those Jenny Lind beds are still valuable. Might want to see what people would offer on Craig's list. I like the bench Idea or daybed to keep the character. It would be beautiful!