What to do with these?

What kind of crafty things can we conjure up with these two chandeliers?
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  • Jan McNeill Oden Jan McNeill Oden on May 01, 2015
    I would use the large glass covers as cloche in my garden to protect plants

  • Hazel Hazel on May 01, 2015
    i was thinking terrariums. fill with succulents. you'd have to add a glass/acrylic base of course but would look so pretty either hanging or placed in the home .

  • Phyllis Phyllis on May 01, 2015
    Try upside down and use as pillar candle holders. You would need a base, however. Another idea is to make a fairy garden under them.

  • Lucy Nunn Lucy Nunn on May 01, 2015
    We have similar lights, but yours are better. We were going to replace ours, but instead are going to paint the under chandelier black and put in Edison bulbs. The covers on these could be painted black as well (obviously not the glass)...at least the one on the right. It has a good shape. Someone would love it if it's not your style.

  • Donna stamatakis Donna stamatakis on May 01, 2015
    maybe cover glass with sea glass. or use glass paint to make design on the glass.

  • Ellen J Hoover Ellen J Hoover on May 01, 2015
    First thought, terrarium but to keep them as light fixture's,they make a "spray paint" to make stained glass creations.

  • TheHoneycombHome TheHoneycombHome on May 01, 2015
    I used this same type of light fixture to make a more modern one. I took the chandelier parts out of it, and put it into a gardening orb I found at Home Goods.

  • Ann Ann on May 02, 2015
    I flipped one over and used it for a garden planter. In the photo it is the planter with blue garden balls and dianthus with creeping jenny.

  • PainterNoni PainterNoni on May 02, 2015
    I have one of these, and don't particularly want to replace it right now. Am thinking of either using a mercury glass treatment , or maybe alcohol oils to make an art project.

  • Debbie McGarrity Debbie McGarrity on May 03, 2015
    I think you should make a design out if painters tape or cover every second panel and spray it copper as well as the rest of the metal. Or the metal copper and the glass stain glass worry the krylob coloured glass spray use then for what intenter spray the whole thing copper people in the UK are paying £100's of pounds may as much as 500 dollars for copper pendants especially with chain fixings.

  • Debbie McGarrity Debbie McGarrity on May 03, 2015
    *use them for what they are intended for

  • Debbie McGarrity Debbie McGarrity on May 03, 2015
    Like these for inspiration you could do them for a fraction, white cinder bring up the glass good as new remove panels if possible and voila

  • Sweet Inspirations by JP Sweet Inspirations by JP on May 08, 2015
    I think that I would just remove the glass and paint them black!

  • Therese Hopwood Therese Hopwood on Jun 03, 2015
    I love these, I agree with Christine, I'd clean them up and etch a simple design on the glass, then put them up as lights in my home, conservatory or make them into tall standing lamps and have them either in the home or make them into solar lamps and have them on the patio/decking I live them and I'd certainly make use of them in the capacity of which they were originally intentended.

  • Carol Carol on Jun 09, 2015
    I would try the faux stained glass paint. You can copy a design on to paper and tape it to the inside of the glass panels. Them outline the design on the outside with faux leading lines and fill in the lines with the colors. Or maybe try your hand at real stained glass.

    • Barbara Barbara on Jul 13, 2015
      @Carol I have done this before. I had glass "windows" on the inside of my iron front entry door. I saw that the panes could be removed, thus a flat canvas. I saw the imperfections and knew where they were, but I received a lot of nice compliments of, "they're beautiful". I pat myself...lol

  • Cheryl Cheryl on Jul 12, 2015
    Love the idea of removing the glass, pick a great metallic or fun color, then again you can't go wrong with black, & put in an Edison bulb for a cool look.

  • Debbie McGarrity Debbie McGarrity on Jul 13, 2015
    Any of the below

  • Debbie McGarrity Debbie McGarrity on Jul 13, 2015
    Clean and remove the glass high shine metalic spray paint reset the glass you can even stain the glass to reflect the mood.