Turn them into plant labels

Want a cute way to label your plants? Look no further! Get tutorial here

Bend them into a watermelon wreath

You can actually paint them however you like, but this watermelon wreath is cute! Get tutorial here

Turn them into fishing lodge coasters

You can even take this idea and wrap the sisal rope entirely around the lid. Get tutorial here

Magnetize them into cute key holders

Paint the lids your favorite color, glue a magnet onto the back, stick them on a board, and voila! Get tutorial here

Flip a glass jar lid into a candle votive

Give it a little flare with some rope or ribbon and use it as a place for your candle. Get tutorial here

Decorate your lids into Valentine decor

We would never think of using our Pringles’ lids to decorate for a holiday. Get tutorial here

Wrap them into a mini fall wreath garland

You know that mason jar rim that you’re not sure what to do with? This is a great idea. Get tutorial here

Turn your canning lids into a pumpkin

There are a ton of ways to make pumpkins for fall, but we love this one. Get tutorial here

Cover your tabletop with tin can lids

This blogger needed to cover her old table, so she gave it a metal touch. Get tutorial here

Paint them into chalkboard coasters

These are so cute, you’ll love keeping them out on your coffee table. Get tutorial here

Or glue them into steampunk coasters

With some keys and gears, these are perfect for any steampunk fan. Get tutorial here

Decorate them with some burlap

Glue burlap onto the lid and hang them wherever you want. Or, use it to dress up your jar. Get tutorial here

Turn them into superhero wall decor

Whether your favorite superhero is Spiderman or Wonder Woman, these are a must for any room. Get tutorial here