What Are DIY Pallet Projects?

Our Hometalkers have used the worn wood look and the rustic style of wooden pallets to turn them into works of art. Hometalker Nickell Morgan's DIY pallet project put wooden pallets at an angle for an impressive contrasting effect. The mismatching brown colors of the wooden pallets also contrasts beautifully with the white of the TV cabinet. Likewise, the garage handle kit, attached to the pallets with no-nails glue, help to give this DIY project an ornate touch. Get tutorial here

What Do You Need for DIY Pallet Projects?

For DIY pallet projects, you need wooden pallets and extra tools to turn it into something new. Hometalker Jeremy Dixon used a circular saw to separate the lengths of a single wooden pallet before converting these into bookshelves. The bookshelves were also sanded and painted white in order to clean them up (they were dirty from having been used). Although plain, they fit well in the blue color scheme of the room. Most Hometalkers have included instructions with their pallet projects so you know what tools you may need. Get tutorial here

Where to Get Wooden Pallets for DIY Projects

You can get wooden pallets either second-hand for a distressed look or brand new for that fresh look. There are lots of different sizes and Hometalker Jennifer Allwood stenciled a positive message on a larger pallet before painting it orange. The Always Give Thanks pallet project shows that, even if you don't have room for a larger pallet in your home, it can make for a brilliant outdoor decoration that looks wonderful next to some flowers. Get tutorial here

How to Choose the Color of Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets are usually a light brown, tan color but you can get gray, white, or darker shades of brown. You can always paint the pallet a different color if you don't like the original version. That's what Hometalker CraftingStuff did, using leftover pallet boards from a fence to create a beautifully understated herb planter. The converted boards have been painted a dark mocha shade of brown, which makes the fancy lettering of "Basil" and "Parsley" stand out even more. Get tutorial here

The Best DIY Pallet Project on a Budget

The great thing about DIY wood pallet projects is that they can be made on a shoestring budget. Don't have the money to spend on tons of additional supplies? Don't worry because few pallet projects require it. Hometalker Noting Grace showed us this with the "DIY Kitchen Island for Less Than $50" idea! While additional wood was required for Noting Grace's wonderfully rustic kitchen island, the entire project still cost just $48. The project involved contrasting wood colors to increase the "junky" feel and the pallet sides had to be cut at various lengths to make it work. The idea would perfectly compliment any kitchen or kitchen/diner setup as it stands out and is very practical too. Get tutorial here

The Best DIY Pallet Project Furniture Ideas

DIY pallet furniture can give your home that lovely farmyard look that impresses your guests. Hometalker Grace put together an entire outdoor patio set, including a dark green bench to sit on and a beautiful brown matching table and chairs set. For Hometalker Grace, it involved measuring and cutting pallets to ensure that they worked as seats, as well as sanding them down and painting them, but the results will make your effort worth it. Get tutorial here

The Best DIY Pallet Project Bookcase for Readers

Wooden bookcases look great stacked with well-read novels that have been thumbed through aplenty. When putting together your pallet bookcase, you could paint the entire thing or, like Hometalker Noting Grace, leave the back of the bookcase unpainted. Hometalker Noting Grace used pallet wood to update an existing bookcase, cutting pallet boards and fitting them together in order to lend support to the back of the selves. With that said, if your bookcase is full of books, then you may never see it! Get tutorial here

The Best DIY Pallet Project Under $10

Showcase your gardening skills in style with an affordable wood pallet planter. Planter pallet projects can be put together with less than $10 and, with pallet project instructions to follow, they're quite easy to make as well. Hometalker The Micro Gardener - Anne spent just $5 creating a charming white planter that shows off a pretty arrangement of flowers! This planter design also includes shelves and hooks to hang your tools from so you'll barely notice them against the clean white color of the planter. Get tutorial here

The Best DIY Pallet Project Design for Window Blinds

The horizontal shutters of window blinds are sometimes made of wood and you can make them with wooden pallets. The mismatched, pallet blind design is a fashionable design. Hometalker Becky at Flipping the Flip put this wood pallet project together with binder rings, connectors, copper wire, threaded rod, and swivel key tags. The entire haul of materials can be purchased for just $29 and it can take just two and a half hours to complete, meaning that it will suit you even if you are a less experience Hometalker. Get tutorial here

The Best DIY Pallet Project for Photo Frames

The used and worn style of a DIY wood pallet photo frame makes your photos feel cherished and loved. Hometalker Kyle's take on the DIY pallet project photo frame requires 11 materials, costs just $10 and can be made with reclaimed or pallet wood. Small enough to hold a 4"x6" photo, the DIY wood pallet project will take you just two hours to put together. You could even give extras to friends as gifts! Get tutorial here

The Best DIY Pallet Project for Wall Clocks

A DIY pallet wall clock is a great statement piece that "pops" and stands out in your home. It's super easy to make as well. Hometalker All Things Heart and Home used a jigsaw to make the wood circular. A basic black clock mechanism was also added for a traditional, farm feel. The design is up to you, allowing you to inject even more personality into the piece! Get tutorial here