Make pretty containers for your coffee

Chalk paint some mason jars & use them as a prettier way to keep coffee & sugar on your counter. Get tutorial here

Keep your herbs close at hand

No need to clutter the sink with Terra Cotta. Grab a wire basket, insert a mason jar and voila! Get tutorial here

Or mount that herb garden on your wall

Let your fresh herbs keep the crockery company. All you need are some pallets, metal brackets & labels. Get tutorial here

Or better yet, make a spinning spice rack

Use mason jars and a wood plinth to consolidate your spices and save kitchen space by stacking them. Get tutorial here

Collect your cutlery and cooking tools

Use whitewashed mason jars to gather your cutlery on your counter top and make cooking easy. Get tutorial here

Pluck your dry spices from the cabinets

Drill the tops of mason jars to the bottom of your countertops & have your spices hang in pretty jars. (Rob & Courtney Get tutorial here

Organize your pantry and dry goods

Use old fashioned mason jars to make sense of your bags and boxes of pasta, rice, chocolate chips etc… Get tutorial here

Leave your stirring spoon hanging

Nail a mason jar to a spare piece of molding so your cooking things & aprons are close together. Get tutorial here

Showcase, don't stash, your baking sprinkles

Colorfully store your baking supplies in a pantry display worthy of Martha Stewart. Get tutorial here

Have your utensils drying in something pretty

Repurpose mason jars as utensil holders on your sink corner for when you’re washing dishes. Get tutorial here

Upgrade store bought jars of preserves

Transfer your jams and jellies in bulk into mason jars , speckle them and cover with burlap and twine. Get tutorial here

Make it the center of your coffee station

Store ground coffee in a mason jar to complete your basket sized coffee station. Room saver & cute! Get tutorial here

Create a kitchen command center

Get rid of random pens & scissors cluttering your kitchen counter top with baskets & mason jars. Get tutorial here