Use it to hang up artwork

If that’s not a clever way of using pipes for home decor, I don’t know what is. Get tutorial here

Drill holes into them for a hanging planter

This homeowner completely transformed the look of her eye-sore shed with some succulents and drainage pipes. Get tutorial here

Stabilize a table with industrial pipes

We are in love with this industrial look, and we can’t get enough of this very cool table. Get tutorial here

Pair it up with your rustic wood furniture

Rustic meets industrial with this beautiful wood and pipe TV stand. Get tutorial here

Hang it on your wall as an organizer

Then use S-hooks to hang baskets and other cute things that will keep your organized. Get tutorial here

Turn PVC pipes into glowing lights

Grab a rotary tool and start carving out small designs that will light up your room. Get tutorial here

Use industrial pipes as a storage rail system

Inspired by West Elm, this storage rails system doubles as wall decor. Get tutorial here

Attach them into a rustic clothing rack

If you’re short on closet space, this is the easy-to-make clothing rack idea you’ve been waiting for. Get tutorial here

Turn copper pipe into a luxurious plant stand

Wrap a piece of wood in marble contact paper, attach it to copper pipes, and voila! Get tutorial here

Plant flowers in a PVC pipe

Whether you put it outside, or keep it on your windowsill, this is an innovative way to use pipes for your decor. Get tutorial here

Stick PVC pipes into book storage

If you’re looking for a way to keep a shelf of books in your kid’s room within your reach, you just found it. Get tutorial here

Screw pipes into a unique wall lamp

This Anthropologie knock off looks SO cool! Get tutorial here

Turn them into industrial pipe lights

We might not want this in our own home, but you have to admit these pipe lights are quite amazing. Get tutorial here

Turn it into a sofa or coffee table

It incorporates a very industrial, yet also rustic look in your home decor. Get tutorial here

Build them into a magazine rack

Need a place to store your magazines? Use this gorgeous thing instead of some dingy and tacky magazine rack. Get tutorial here