Asked on Feb 23, 2018

Does anyone have a temporary solution for screenless windows?

Debra Moreno
by Debra Moreno
I have purchased a home that have no screens on any windows. I need a solution to be able to open windows until I can afford to have custom screens made. They are larger than standard sized windows and 2 sets of sliding glass doors. The windows open and close side to side, not top to bottom.

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  • Suzette Suzette on Feb 23, 2018

    Hi Debra, You can get expandable window screens at Walmart from $5 to $7. They have a couple sizes. Here's a link:

    I needed these as a temp too and they worked out pretty good!

    Good luck!

  • Karla Karla on Feb 23, 2018

    in the meantime, you could buy some of the fabric like screens from a home improvement store and cut them to how you want them. Another solution maybe be something more like the following:

  • Laura Cooper Laura Cooper on Feb 23, 2018

    Did you know that screens are very easy to build? Your building supply stores have screen kits you can cut to custom size. They include track, corners, spline and screen. Usually you will need a hack saw and spline tool. Instructions will be included. For an even cheaper option, you can buy these in bulk.

  • Sheila Mathews Elmer Sheila Mathews Elmer on Feb 23, 2018

    Most Home Improvement stores have screens you can put under an open window with gliding ("strechable") fitters. Wouldn not do this option if you have cats!

  • Nancy Turner Nancy Turner on Feb 23, 2018

    It may not look real good, but get some rolls of screening material. tack it onto one inch boards cut to fit the openings and tack in place, or even just use screening material and tape in place with gorilla tape. Gorilla tape withstands sun, rain, even snow and ice. I used it on the vinyl convertible top of an old car when an icicle fell off the roof and put a hole in it. Duck tape had to be changed sometimes each week. The gorilla tape held for three years through hot humid summer weather, rain, snow, ice, you name it. It was outside 24/7 because we had no garage and it was a daily driven vehicle. I am sure a strip cut a little narrower will even hold screens up for you. It may be a decent temporary solution until you can make or purchase something permanent.

    • Debra Moreno Debra Moreno on Feb 24, 2018

      Thanks Nancy. I stand with you about awesome Gorilla tape and glue. I always have it around but it never occurred to me to use it in this instance. Great idea!

  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 23, 2018

    They make this thin wooden molding for screens, get a roll of screening and cut a 1 1/2" larger than the window and put the molding over the edge and nail it in using fine small finish nails. You could also use double sided tape.

    As to sliding glass doors, they sell those screen doors at home depot and other home stores, just take your measurements with you and the brand of door if you know.

    True Value hardware store here has a little shop in back and will put a screen together for you cheap. Just take the measurements for width and height from track to track.

    • Debra Moreno Debra Moreno on Feb 24, 2018

      Thank you Sharon. Excellent ideas! I did not know that True Value offered that service.

  • Debra Moreno Debra Moreno on Feb 24, 2018

    Thank you Suzette. A very affordable solution! I will check it out.

  • Johnavallance82 Johnavallance82 on Jul 30, 2022

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