Dying curtains

I have a ton of white curtains and want to dye them teal, has anyone done this?
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  • Sherry Fisher Sherry Fisher on Mar 21, 2015
    I dye things a lot. RIT dye has a web site that helps with mixing different colors. I've tried stove top and machine dyeing with good results. Good luck!

  • Kathie taylor Kathie taylor on Mar 21, 2015
    Ditto the above. I have also used RIT dye on a velvet headboard.. Very hot water in a bucket and a paint brush to apply.

  • Cheryl Morris Siciliano Cheryl Morris Siciliano on Mar 21, 2015
    does not really work on synthetic fabric

  • M. J. M. J. on Mar 21, 2015
    I was going to say the same thing that Sherry said. I've used Rit dye and it is a good product. :) M.j.

  • Lee Lee on Mar 21, 2015
    How about sewing a trim on them instead?? Like a border down the sides in teal or add an teal insert (plain or a pattern) on the top, middle, or bottom? This can be sewn on to the top of curtain fabric or a-cut-away insert. Your curtain fabric will be important for dyeing success. NO Poly. Hope you will let us know how the project works out.

  • Suzanne Suzanne on Mar 21, 2015
    Im not sure of the content I know they have a shine to the material and a lace insert

  • ...I too, have used RIT or other dyes with great success, as M.J. and Sherry Fisher stated. Be sure to set your washer for the LONGEST cycle possible, hottest water possible and I also let the things I am dyeing " soak' for at least a half hour to an hour, depending on deepness of color desired. :) I add a teaspoon of salt to the dye water, helps set the color :)

  • Linda Fraser Linda Fraser on Mar 21, 2015
    You just have to make sure they are cotton. poly won't dye