How to cover glass blocks to stop light coming into bedroom at night

by Estelle
We recently moved into a new home that was move in condition. Ofcourse after we've been here a couple of months we see things that need fixing or personalizing. This glass block window is in my master bath/bedroom. When one of us wakes to use the bathroom at night my room gets flooded with light and wakes us up. We love the look of the blocks but need something totally opaque to cover. Any ideas? Many contact papers will still let light through.
how to cover glass blocks to stop light coming into bedroom at night
Glass blocks from bathroom to master bedroom side
how to cover glass blocks to stop light coming into bedroom at night
My husband's temp but ugly solution
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  • Sheryl Gregory Sheryl Gregory on Feb 03, 2018

    Any chance you could hang a rolled shade and pull it down at night? Or, mount a thin, decorative rod over it and hang a large dark colored towel at bedtime? Or, make an attractive solid, flat cover of the same size & shape, and use Command Strips made for mounting pictures on a wall. It should be relatively easy to put up and take down when you wish to.

  • William William on Feb 03, 2018

    How about just spray painting the block with a dark color paint. You can even dry brush a lighter color or metallic paint to highlight the patterns. Better yet, put a bullseye on the cardboard and a pic of your hubby in the center

    • Estelle Estelle on Feb 07, 2018

      Lol ooo I like the metallic paint thing. I would do that. I don't think he'll like the idea of me painting directly on the blocks.

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Feb 03, 2018

    have you thought about painting the glass blocks with an opaque black (or dark brown) paint?

    • Estelle Estelle on Feb 07, 2018

      Yes but hubby will flip out. He doesn't live when I diy. I used to paint in our old house all the time.

  • Suellen Hintz Suellen Hintz on Feb 03, 2018

    Cover the glass blocks with plywood, then paint it. Put wall decor inside the frame and make it a decorative item. Or replace toilet with one that has toilet bowl nightlife feature; our blue light lets us get there but doesn't keep us awake. Get a skirted one if you replace...looks better and 1000% easier to clean!

    • Estelle Estelle on Feb 07, 2018

      We just purchased a new toilet. So I can't replace that. But I have seen those light kits for toilets. He would still open the lights. He doesn't have the best depth perception. We don't want him to miss . Maybe a soft wood that I could bend to fit in the moulding of the square. Thanks for your advice.

  • DesertRose DesertRose on Feb 04, 2018

    Maybe you could paint them black, or hang drapes that stop light?

  • Itsmemic Itsmemic on Feb 07, 2018

    how about using mercury glass may reflect the light...and will look really cool !

  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Feb 07, 2018

    You can still use the concept you husband has implemented. Instead of using cardboard, insert a piece of art the same size. The window frame will then become the frame for the artwork or picture. Nothing permanent would be done and your light problem would be solved.

    • Estelle Estelle on Feb 10, 2018

      Thank you that really is the best solution.not permanent is good. Now my question is since this is a diamond shape, how would I hang the art? Maybe just cut out a poster or something? Like a beach scene maybe. Thanks

  • Cristine Schwartzberg Cristine Schwartzberg on Feb 07, 2018

    My husband came up with a similar solution. I wrapped the cardboard in a pretty fabric and it still sits there to this day.

    • Estelle Estelle on Feb 10, 2018

      That's also great idea cause I could hang on an angle the way the square is like a diamond. Maybe even do different fabric on each side of the wall or paint one side of the cardboard.

  • Holly Kinchlea-Brown Holly Kinchlea-Brown on Feb 07, 2018

    It’s always easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission (that’s how it works in My house at least)

  • Sharon Sharon on Feb 10, 2018

    You could go to Tap Plastics and find a piece of more opaque plastic to fit in that frame. or Use some spray adhesive and cover the cardboard in the frame with a nice fabric.

    or I never turn the light on in the bathroom when getting up at night, I have a little LED nightlight in there thats blue that I got for a dollar at the Dollar Tree. In fact all my friends wanted one too, so I brought each of them one.

    • Estelle Estelle on Feb 10, 2018

      Thank you Sharon. I have to look up Tap Plastics I've never seen that store.

  • Swan Road Designs Swan Road Designs on Feb 10, 2018

    Yes. Choosing a piece of art or even some abstract fabric which wouldn't matter how it could be positioned would be your beginning point. I'd recommend you take the piece of cardboard along as a guide. You could place it on a possible choice and see how it might work.