How do I change my pinch pleated drapes into pole top drapes?

by Barbara

How do I change my pinch pleated drapes into pole top drapes?

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  • Hi, Barbara!

    If the wide hem at the top of the curtains where the pleats are is open at the ends, the pleats can be taken apart with a seam ripper (which I believe would just be the removal of the threads holding them together) then the drapery rod can be inserted in the hem. If not, the hem at the side of the drapes (running the entire length) can be opened at the top to allow for the rod to be inserted. Hope this helps!

  • 17335038 17335038 on Jul 01, 2019

    Often, the fabric and the backing that has been formed into pinches is not completely sewn down in the same way that a rod pocket is secured.

    If you try to put a curtain rod pole through this portion of the back of the panel, due to weight and gravity, the fabric will just slip off. You will need to sew it down first in order that it forms a 'pocket' for the rod to slip through.

    Also, once the hooks and the pleat stitches are removed, due to the stiffness of the backing, it may be difficult to gather the excess fabric tight enough so that the overall width fits on to the top pole.

    Depending on the stiffness of the drapery front fabric, the panels might be easier to work with and hang better if you first remove the pleating backing, then try to steam press the fabric flat.

  • Remove the hooks, rip out the pleat tape with a seam ripper, taking care not to rip the fabric. Then stitch the top of the fabric creating a rod pocket... or sew rings on the top... depending on the finished look you want. OR... keep the pleats and hooks and just hook them into rings that fit on the rod you want... they will have little rings under them that the hooks would fit right into.

    • Theresa Theresa on May 26, 2022

      THANK YOU. I just purchased a pinch pleated lined 8 by 7 curtain for $5 at a hotel surplus store. It weighs 12 lbs. Your idea to leave the pleats and hooks in place and buy rings for my existing pole is the perfect solution. Using rings means I can still tie the curtain in the middle which was important to me. Much gratitude to you.

  • Sharon Sharon on Jul 04, 2019

    In addition to Simple's tips, you could also add 1-1 1/2" wide by 6" long fabric tabs/strips to the top of the drape after removing the pleat tape and sewing down a hem. When you do remove the pleats, the curtain panel will also be 2 to 2 1/2 times wider.... so if your going for a flatter look, you may want to remove some of the panel width.

  • Paulette  Barnard Paulette Barnard on May 26, 2022

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