Bathe your blinds to clear grime

Wash your blinds in the sink for a major dust cleanse. Get tutorial here

Create your own reusable dryer sheets

If you have sponges, you can create dryer sheets that will work over and over again! Get tutorial here

Seal your oven grates in a no-scrub solution

Grab a gallon bag, ammonia, and those grimy grates for an easy overnight clean up plan. Get tutorial here

Mix up fizzing tablets for a cleaner toilet

Mix up your own batch, so you can just drop a tablet in the toilet whenever it needs refreshing. Get tutorial here

Spray soap scum off shower doors with vinegar

Use your own powerful mixture of household green cleaners to banish that soap scum. Get tutorial here

Remove rust stains with hydrogen peroxide

If nothing else gets rid of that ugly brownish rust stain in the tub, try hydrogen peroxide! Get tutorial here

Clean windows with dish soap

Get that dust and smudge build-up off your window completely, using dish soap and a squeegee. Get tutorial here

Scrub grimy grout with a toothbrush

To get the grout sparkling, take to the floor & scrub it with a toothbrush. The shine is worth it! Get tutorial here

Make a mattress cleaning mix

Spray your stained or smelly mattresses with this refreshing mixture and watch messes fade. Get tutorial here

Soak oven racks in a fabric softener bath

It’s tough to get those racks truly clean, which is why you might want to try this bath idea! Get tutorial here

Soak away hard water stains with vinegar

Wrap your gritty faucets in vinegar soaked paper towels and watch the build-up vanish. Get tutorial here

Steam clean & disinfect your microwave

Using a few natural cleaning materials, steam clean your microwave with minimal scrubbing. Get tutorial here

Deep clean your dishwasher pieces

Clean the pipes and vents of your dishwasher so that it runs better & keeps dishes cleaner. Get tutorial here

Clean your washer racks so it works like new

Add a DIY cleaning powder to your dishwasher so it cleans itself and gets your dishes cleaner. Get tutorial here

Improve curb appeal by cleaning vinyl siding

Your home exterior got a lot of wear and tear this year, so treat it to a deep cleanse. Get tutorial here