Asked on Apr 22, 2012

Does anyone have any ideas for DIY centerpieces/favors for a wedding?

Ashley K
by Ashley K
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  • Beverly H Beverly H on Apr 22, 2012
    I read in Pinterest about wedding centerpieces made from Mason jars, they were beautiful. I did made some and they are nice. I made them just to make them it was easy.

  • Debi M Debi M on Apr 22, 2012
    Before I stick my foot in my mouth, I have a few questions. What type of wedding are you having? Is it formal, at home, at a beach, in a backyard? How many guests are you having, what is your budget. I've assisted with many weddings from ritzy to down home, but I need to know these things before I give you ideas

  • Debi M Debi M on Apr 22, 2012
    Oh, one other quick "crafty" are you? and what time is the wedding?

  • Marcy Marcy on Apr 23, 2012
    Check out the blog Young House Love. They did a compleye DIY wedding:

  • Charlotte Belange Charlotte Belange on Apr 17, 2015
    How about succulents in coffee, or tea cups. if you have time an help you could do 1 for each person to take home. or little flower pots from $ store. good luck. Char

  • Bea Snelleman Bea Snelleman on Apr 25, 2015
    I created my wedding. I placed blue coffee filter roses in dollar store martini glasses and a ribbon on the stem. I also added three small blue candles around them. The favors were a pyramid box with a chocolate heart and three chocolate kisses inside. On one side it said hugs and kisses, on the other side from the mr and mrs. They went over well.

  • Lindy Lindy on Jun 06, 2015
    For centerpieces: I saw this on Hometalk so you can search and get the link. You take a bag of rose petals from the craft store, a load of plastic spoons (clear) with the handles broken off and large round glass "fish bowls" you often get flowers in (or fish). Glue petals on spoons, start at top of bowl and hot glue spoon/petals on to bowl. Work your way down, last row has no spoon so you can cover bottom of bowl. Add a battery operated tea light and voila! Enter in search : DIY Rose Petals Luminary and also DIY Wedding Centerpieces. Little searching=big savings. Good luck!

  • Lindy Lindy on Jun 06, 2015
    Just looked at Marcy's suggestion, Young House Love. My advice is to run, not walk, over to that link. Brilliant ideas that you can modify to your own taste.

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    • Rustyrue Rustyrue on Jan 01, 2016
      PS; for a reasonable wedding use Babies Breath as the bulk of the center piece with a rose or two or other more reasonable flowers and you will have a pretty focal to the table or any area. You can get reasonable roses at Costco, check them out!! You can also use Babies Breath as the focal flower for the ceremony and is pretty, cost effective and adds a lot. dresses up easily with ribbon, flowers, vases gotten from say Good will and toss some glass beads in the bottom or other suitable filler. The fabric petals that are often used can make a nice layer in the bottom of the vase and along the isle with BB in vases along the isle. Ties with ribbon to the chair tops, and or ear a bit in your hair do for the happy!

  • Sandra Gibson Sandra Gibson on Jun 06, 2015
    For a country themed wedding we used tin cans. Just remove the label, wrap with burlap and lace and fill with flowers. We set them on top of doilies. You could also spray paint the cans if you'd like. Glad to send a picture if your interested.

  • Sandra Gibson Sandra Gibson on Jun 06, 2015
    Also, for wedding favors we took an old galvanized tub and line it with plastic (garbage bag). Filled it with crumpled newspaper to fill it then added potting soil. We took flower seed packets from WalMart $.20 a piece and glued them to graft sticks and stuck (planted) them in the soil. We added a sign that said "Pick One and Watch Love Grown". Everyone loved the idea and was glad to take some home.

  • Judy SMITH Judy SMITH on Feb 17, 2016
    Use a large brandy snifter---glue a small pearl rope around the very top edge. Fill with greenery or rose petals and add a white tall bulky candle. You can put a ribbon around the stem on the bottom or use ivy. You can qalso fill it with white shiny rocks.

  • Smee23g Smee23g on Feb 20, 2016
    spray very small terracotta pots gold and add deco around the lace... and maybe a candle ..or those almonds...

  • Ashley, guests like candy favors best, and chocolate is a favorite. Although, if you are getting married during the Summer, I would avoid it. It depends on your creativity, you could fill favor boxes with Hersey kisses, white chocolates, gourmet jelly beans, etc. For table decorations, there are so many ideas: hurricane glass with a pillar candle, tied with tulle or ribbon, gold or silver looks elegant, flowers, balloons, small silver picture frames placecards, etc.