Colorful, floral wallpaper

Redo your bedroom walls with beautiful floral Photowall wallpaper. Get tutorial here

Colorful, floral wallpaper

Redo your bedroom walls with beautiful floral Photowall wallpaper. Get tutorial here

Scrap yarn spring wreath

Make a cute spring bird wreath for your front door using colorful yarn and fabric scraps. Get tutorial here

Faux floral bouquet centerpiece

Transform wood flowers into their fresh flower counterparts with just a little paint to create a pretty spring flower bouquet. Get tutorial here

Whimsical watercolor throw pillows

Paint a pillow with spring colors and then use a sewing machine to add detail with free motion embroidery. Get tutorial here

Thrifty floral cloche

Add a touch of whimsy to your mantel with a DIY floral cloche that is both inexpensive and easy to make. Get tutorial here

Dried flower resin game board

Plan a fun game night with your freshly hardened tic-tac-toe board made with dried flowers in resin. Get tutorial here

Eye-catching floral lamp

Spruce up a hanging paper lamp with paper flowers to make an eye-catching lamp for your home. Get tutorial here

Shimmering silver foil bird craft

Wrap a clay bird in silver leaves and dab with dark wax for a vintage-looking display piece that is perfect for spring. Get tutorial here

Rainbow-painted dresser drawers

Coat each drawer of a dresser with a different pastel paint color for something fun and different to add color to your home. Get tutorial here

Gorgeous vintage-inspired spring chalkboard

Grab an old cabinet door and some paper clay to make a gorgeous vintage-inspired chalkboard complete with timeless faded flowers. Get tutorial here

Farmhouse-style book decor

Have fun and create beautiful painted farmhouse-style books that you can add to your table, shelf, or mantel this spring. Get tutorial here

Woodsy macrame fern mobile

Create a cute woodland-themed mobile with fern and eucalyptus pieces. Get tutorial here

Playful paper staircase makeover

Decoupage scrapbook paper onto contact paper to easily stick onto your stair risers for a fun, colorful, patterned look. Get tutorial here

Elegant pressed flower art

Add a bit of vintage flare to your home with framed pressed flower artwork. Get tutorial here

Patterned fabric pocket wall hanging

Bring a sunny vibe to your home with a flower-filled fabric pocket welcome sign hanging at the front of your home. Get tutorial here

Trendy pinboard with mini pin-on vases

Transform a thick cake board into a pinboard with some grey felt, and attach mini vases filled with flowers. Get tutorial here

Distressed-looking mason jar decor

Get vintage-looking spring decor by coating mason jars in chalk paint and then sanding them down. Get tutorial here

Decorative moss topiary balls

Make your own traditional decorative moss balls as a wonderful accent for any decor. Get tutorial here

Beautiful flower string lights

Make plastic flowers from recycled plastic drinking bottles, and put them on a string of lights for pretty glowing color wherever you hang them. Get tutorial here

Charming rope baskets

Glue rope together to create little baskets, and then tie them to a branch to make a $3 wall hanging. Get tutorial here