Organize Your Gardening Tools Before Spring

Create some super organized tool space in your garage to stow all your tools before spring comes along. Get tutorial here

Cut Pieces for a DIY Air Conditioner

Use a piece pieces of PVC piping to put together your own low-cost AC unit. Get tutorial here

Make a Modern-Style Mirror

Cut pieces of PVC pipe into thin circles, then create a few starburst mirrors for a free wall. Get tutorial here

Craft Toothbrush Holders for the Wall

Drill a hole through pieces of PVC, for personalized off-the-counter toothbrush holders. Get tutorial here

Build an Industrial-Chic Side Table

Turn PVC pipes into a pair of classy legs, for this sweet industrial style side table. Get tutorial here

Craft a Few Pieces into a Standing Wine Rack

Layer cut up pieces of PVC into a tabletop wine rack that's classy & inexpensive. Get tutorial here

Pair a Piece with a Tray for This Birdbath

Turn a piece of PVC into the decorative stand for a marble-tiled birdbath - garden stunner! Get tutorial here

Make a Glowing Lightsaber Headboard

For Star Wars fans, this PVC lightsaber headboard is a DIY dream come true. Get tutorial here

Store Your Pairs of Winter Boots

Put those winter boots away in the cleanest way possible, with a PVC boot stand for your closet. Get tutorial here

Build a Whimsical Playtime Teepee

This kid's teepee is an easy way to create fun and fantasy, and it's easy with PVC pipes. Get tutorial here

Create a Cozy Hammock for Your Pup

Share some love with your fur babies, by creating an easy hammock with a PVC frame and fabric. Get tutorial here

Turn Pieces into Adorable Toy Storage

Cut up a few short tubes, for this absolutely adorable toy storage idea that's full of color. Get tutorial here

Make a Simple Book Stand for the Bedroom

Get more book storage in just a few minutes, with this simple PVC book stand design. Get tutorial here

Fill a Leftover Tube with Flowers

Add PVC pipes to your garden, by filling a few leftover tubes with soil and flowers! Get tutorial here