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Scrap Wood Dog Treats Fire Hydrant Container

Hey there puppy parents! I have a treat for you today, well actually, a treat for your pooch. Today I'm sharing how to plans for this adorable DIY Dog Treats Container shaped like a fire hydrant!
I made my fire hydrant container entirely with scrap wood I had in my shop, so this project was FREE!
The container holds about a pound of these mini dog treats or as we call them "potty bones". I think one of these DIY fire hydrant containers and some homemade dog treats would make a great gift, don't you?!
First I cut the sides, front, back and bottom. Then I assembled the container using glue and nails.
Then I cut the nozzles and nozzle bases. First the bases were attached with glue and nails, the nozzles were attached.
The last assembly step was to build the top using glue and wood screws.
All that's left was to fill the nail holes, sand, apply a couple coats of gloss red paint and fill with yummy treats! Please check out my site for complete measurements and even more build pics - thank you!

Material I used for this project:

  • Scrap wood   (my shop)

To see more: http://sawsonskates.com/2016/04/19/diy-dog-treats-fire-hydrant-container/

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