Microwave Cart Repurposed

by Monika
I was looking for a shelf for my daughters pet bunny that we rescued. I saw this $5 microwave cart at a thrift store. It was the perfect size. I had some leftover white paint, and an idea which led to the perfect project!
The cart was made with laminate wood. After cleaning it, removing the hardware I applied primer and white paint.
I had purchased this character poster for my daughter who is a HUGE fan of this movie. Problem is, we didn't have room on her walls. I carefully cut around the characters and decoupaged them to the front of the cabinet. I spray painted the hardware with paint I already had, luckily it was the perfect match.
Sweetie loves her new view! The cabinet keeps her food and bedding hidden. and we have extra room for other things as well!
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  • Astrid Astrid on Mar 29, 2020

    Poor bunny! That‘s the right size For its toilet.

  • Marcam1977 Marcam1977 on Mar 31, 2021

    Dumb mother. She should have done research on rabbits/bunnies FIRST. Instead she plasters characters on a painted microwave cart with this poor rabbit in a very small cage that is for a Hamster. I'm so annoyed at people like this who mistreat animals. Yes, you heard me. I've had rabbits for years and they lived long happy lives. You need to educate yourself FIRST BEFORE purchasing but adopting prefered.

    Anyone interested as Easter is upon us and so may bunnies are bought in stores for quick sale rather then being adooted. People purchase them thinking how cute (and they are!). Then, after just a short time, usually with no knowledge of how to care for a rabbit and feed them, etc, they get thrown out in the streets. This is VERY sad AND angering and should NEVER need to occur.

    Go to: www.rabbit.org

    for a wealth of information

    and then some about rabbits and bunnies