Popcorn Tins to Pet Food Storage!

Hannah V
by Hannah V
Ever since I moved from Ohio to NYC, my Mom sends me an array of "thinking of you" gifts (she's the best!). This Halloween it was a BOMB popcorn assortment that I consumed in an embarrassingly fast manner. Also, I'd like to point out that she sent not one, but two family-sized popcorn containers for me. (She knows her daughter well).
Once the popcorn aftermath was over and the regret/shame set in, I eyed down my "Trick-or-Treat" Halloween tins. Now, the pre-Hometalk Hannah would've tossed them, but you guys have taught me how to see the potential in them! And for that my kitties are forever grateful. Which leads me to my popcorn tin "Kitty Food" storage upcycle. :)
Great ready to see the before!
There they are in all their Halloween glory.

I'm SO glad I thought of using them for this purpose. Every morning, in my pre-coffee about to leave for work mental state, my cats would have to watch me struggle with this massive bag of dry food. Let's just say there have been mornings where dry food kibble niblets have exploded all over the floor.

So this was necessary. Before I tell you how I did this, I must introduce the two men in my life who are reaping the benefits.
Meet Binx. I shamelessly call him my "first-born." He is part Siamese part vampire bat (his little fangs are my favorite). The sweetest cat you'll ever meet.

He usually gives me this stare when I'm brewing my coffee and he can't understand why I've been up for 2 minutes and haven't fed him yet.
And then there's Cosmo. This is usually how he wakes me up. He's part Ragdoll part Raccoon and has the longest fluffiest tail in all the land. He is also completely insane in the best way possible.
Okay, stop talking about your cats crazy cat lady! Lets talk about my project. Aside from the tins, this is all I needed to do this. Amazing, right?

I found my new crafting obsession- printed Duct Tape. How did I not know about this?! It's probably a good thing because everything I own would be covered in some variation of printed Duct Tape.

I LOVED this wood-grain print, so I snagged that one and a gold one. (Wood and gold are my two fav combos). I also grabbed these awesome map-print sticker letters!
This was surprisingly so easy. I just wrapped rows of the Duct tape up the tin.
The tricky part was working around where the handles connect. I just cut smaller pieces to fill in the awkward areas. Easy peasy!
Who would ever know an obnoxious "Trick-or-Treat" extravaganza is happening beneath the surface?
I started adding my letters.
I love the way it looks, and I use it every single morning. I keep a little scoop in there and it sits right next to their bowls. It has seriously cut my feeding time in half. Binx & Cosmo approved!
For the second I did the same thing except I used the gold tape for a fun dipped look at the bottom.
Now, what to do with this one?!

I'm thinking about using it as an ice bucket for a bottle of white wine or champagne in the backyard on a hot summer day. How good does that sound right about now?! *clicks heels together three times*

Do you guys have any better ideas for this one? I'd love to hear. Thanks so much for checking out my post! See you lovelies later Hometalkin! :D
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  • Casey Lynn Riddel Casey Lynn Riddel on Apr 08, 2017
    hello, and i'd like to ask you a question. Where'd you get the wood grain printed tape?

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  • Jaejae Jaejae on Dec 18, 2020

    Hello, I love this idea! I have a whole box of Christmas tins that I was going to take to the community aid, but now I’m going to keep the big ones for storing my nighttime snacks. Thank you for sharing.

  • Sheryll S Sheryll S on Sep 04, 2021

    I love the tins, but I had to settle for a Tidy Cats container that litter came in. The 35 pound scoopable kind. It holds a bag of 9 Lives Plus Care cat food.

    Since I have seven little pups & two kitties, plus 6 plus ferals.....I have to settle. I don't get a lot of stuff I want, but we're happy!