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How long of a lifetime can I expect from my garage doors. They are almost 30 years old now.
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  • LOts of variables effect the answer. What they are made of, whether they get splash back from rain runoff or are protected by roof design and/or gutters, how well they have been maintained ( paint and lubrication of hardware) and how often they are cycled up and down. I've sen some older than I am that are till useable, and others that are ready to retire in 5-6 years

  • Nichter is correct on this. If they have been maintained paint and lube, they can last a very long time. But if water and poor adjustments come into play they can wear out quite quickly. Many years ago the quality of the hardware was much better then you find on many of the over the counter doors you purchase at the home centers. Thinner hinges, thinner track and poor spring quality all lead up to shorter life spans then those purchased 30 years ago. If yours are fine. Clean, paint and lubricate and you will get another 30 more out of them.

  • Take care of them...keep them painted and repaired and they can last 100 years. I'm not sure if they are painted or stained...protected or not...but inspect them for cracks, gaps or splits ever 6 months. If painted, use a top grade exterior paint like Sherwin Williams Duration (best paint in America as far as I am concerned) and caulk with premium caulks like MaxFlex. I'm in your area so happy to take a look at them when we're running the area cleaning gutters or making repairs!

  • Rose S
    on Jan 23, 2012

    Thanks HandyAndy, I appreciate the feedback. They are wood, I think, and have been painted every time the garage was painted. But I suspect that it is time for a check up, especially since during heavy rain and wind I get water inside. So they probably need some adjusting. Can I get back to you?

  • Sure Rose, happy to take a look for you and make a checklist of anything else we see on the exterior. My Grandmother has a an original set of wooden doors on her carriage house that lasted her lifetime! She also had wooden gutters that she oiled down on a regular basis...and those outlived her as well!

  • Doorsbydavid
    on Feb 12, 2012

    also keep the nuts tight on the inside hindges. on wood doors with bolts that come thru the door from outside. called carriage bolts.

  • Rose S
    on Feb 12, 2012

    Thanks fellows, I appreciate your feedback. As soon as I come up for air I may 'reach out and touch you' and let you know status. 'Service Engine' light on car is first priority right now.

  • Yup, If the car quits running, you won't need to garage doors! ;)

  • Rose S
    on Feb 13, 2012

    I like your attitude Nichter, the trouble is that my car is ONLY 12 years old and has ONLY 50,006 miles on it. I think that I'll keep it for a while, since I was the ONLY driver. But thanks for giving me a good chuckle and starting me off on the week right. :-)

  • The check engine light is probably a 50k mile service light. You want to make sure you take the car out on 285 periodically and run a good 50 miles to blow it out. My Mom is 86 and still driving but we had problems with her Mercedes because she just drove a few miles a week with it. I've got a great mechanic in Lawrenceville....Gann's Garage that might be worth the drive for you. I live in Marietta and drive all my cars over there for servicing. East Cobb prices are twice his and I at least trust Paul after all these years. He's at 678-380-0810

  • Rose S
    on Feb 14, 2012

    Thanks HA, I took it to the garage and they had it all day and the only thing that their computer told them was 'ignition system'. I thought the 50K also, but my next service is at 60,000. So the garage suggested that maybe I need new spark-plugs, because it did hick up a bit when I first started up. I'll take it to them tomorrow and they can play with it all day long. I trust those guys and have dealt with them for a long time, so wish me well. :-)

  • I once read or heard something that stays in my mind about old cars. "The cheapest car you can own is the one you already own" I think that came from the boys at Car talk - Click'N'Clack Talk Cars I recently bought a 91 Infinity one owner car for $750 with only 52K on it. Garage kept and not a spot of rust or oil leakage. I believe in taking care of my work boots too. After all, they take care of me

  • Rose S
    on Feb 15, 2012

    You'd better believe it Nichter. They will have to bury me in my car. When the tie comes - we'll just go together. Garage now thinks it might be needing new spark plugs. At 50,000??????

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