9 Strangely Stunning Painting Techniques for Highly Creative People

Painting with a brush is SO overrated!

By Hometalk Highlights

Dip a feather duster in paint

It's weird, but this clever painting technique gives you an interesting pattern in an instant.

Water it down for a watercolor effect

Turn your walls or decor into a soothing watercolor masterpiece using this clever trick.

Smear on Unicorn Spit stain

Unicorn Spit can give your furniture or decor pieces a burst of bright color, and it's fun to apply!

Blow bubbles with paint

Create fun art for your walls using a straw, with this clever bubble blowing technique.

Marble pieces by dipping them in paint

This trick is a favorite with old nail polish. Pour paint in water and dip items in to design!

Spray paint with lace

Lay down some lace and spray paint a gorgeous, intricate design with barely any effort!

Blow dry crayons for a blast of color

Use crayons to color your decor using some strategic placement and a blow dryer!

Sponge & layer to make your paint look aged

Add a few layers of paint with choppy brush strokes and heavy sponging & get this aged effect.

Stamp patterns for custom wallpaper

Use interesting items, like koozies, cookie cutters, & TP rolls to stamp designs on your walls.